Saturday, March 3

Heart & Soul

I wanted to say that our hearts go out to all of the victims of the hundred of tornadoes that have struck the middle of our country over the past few days. We watch the news and keep hoping that the death toll does not continue to rise. Our hearts also go out the shooting victims up in Tempe.

I guess I'm still feeling pretty sensitive (and caffeine crazed) but with the heartache and subdued atmosphere around the household today, I was very touched by these videos that I found on YT.

The first is the vocal cover by Tiffany Alvord and The Piano Guys of One Republic's "Secrets" mixed with Beethoven.

The next is the extended instrumental by the Piano Guys with the Lyceum Philharmonic. It's super stunning and lifts my soul to see the passion and happiness coming from musicians of all ages.

I hope this brings a dose of joy into your life today too.
EDIT: Wanted to add a note because I realized today marks 2 years of blogging. : )

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