Tuesday, March 13

Almost Taxed

Well, the SO and I had an appointment to get our taxes done (I wrote almost nearly being ready to do them at the end of January) and while he gets all of his stuff done lickety-split, I got mine 45% done. I was a over-prepared in some senses and not in others. Sigh. My big ole binder of print-outs was for naught.

Eh, as nervous as doing official grown-up business makes me, I'm glad for the [almost] experience. We have some money coming back so far so that was more of a relief. Next year should be super interesting.

The garden is doing fairly well and I've finished the records from last year! Next to work on this year's updates among the dozen other projects I've set for myself. The weather has actually been pretty darn nice for the past few days, minus the wind and the junk that puts into the air. What is also in the air is March Madness! (I'm not proud of that segue, lol.)

Last night, I printed out NCAA (college basketball tournament) brackets for FMIL, the SO, and I to fill out our predictions. Mine's a hodgepodge mixture of what I'd like to happen, what I think is actually going to happen, and nonsense because I hardly have any idea what I'm doing but it's fun anyways. Last year, I didn't play along but kept track of the master list that recorded dates and times of games, final scores, and advancements. Like being the bank in Monopoly.

With our home team not making it this year, there's much less enthusiasm about tracking the progression. They are hosting and playing in the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) with 31 other teams hoping to make it to Madison Square Garden. Our conference, the newly revised Pacific-12 (Pac-12) got little to no love this year in the "big dance". Hey, I'm trying to learn, lol. "When in Rome..."

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