Friday, March 30

Still Loved

I was expecting today to be terrible for a few days now. That into and upon itself is a terrible thing to do and pretty much guarantees that it will come true.

However, it  didn't.

It really shows that even though I didn't understand why things were happening now the way they were, I got my answers today. I was so relieved that I almost cried when I put together what was actually happening from that moment on. I am so grateful that someone important out there cares a lot for me.

By some act of the cosmos, the stars aligned and a few freak occurrences later, I had a relatively good day. Not to mention that it's Friday and pay day. I loaded up on so much caffeine early on today because I thought that was the only way I was going to make it through.

Yeah, I was awake sooner, but right after a celebratory dinner of home...-assembled pizza (my third was three types of cheese we had around, the SO had some cheese and mushrooms on his, and FMIL had all of the above plus olives and pineapple) I have crashed. I have been struggling to stay awake since half past nine because I didn't want to wake up at some dumb time like 3:45am.

The SO picked me up from school as soon as possible and we ran a few more errands while I was still motivated and energized. This weekend we may get up to 90 degrees and that's is way too hot way too early, IMO. Either way, warmer weather is coming up soon and when you live in the desert without any air conditioning... well, he and I are going to find ourselves on the roof re-conditioning and prepping the swamp cooler. Kitty is going to really appreciate that. Not. He is terrified by the stomping noises coming from the roof that seem to echo throughout the house. He treats it as if the sky is crashing down around him. Poor baby.

Hopefully, I'll have better things to post about soon. I am about to embark on a few new projects that have been in the queue since the beginning of the year. Yeah, I know that it's pretty terrible.  XP

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