Saturday, March 31


Being up and at 'em early today, I wasn't quite sure how much I'd get done.

Ever get the feeling (when that happens) that whatever woke you up would put the wind in your sails and you get a ton of stuff done with all of the "extra" hours of the weekend? Or being interrupted at an odd point in your sleep cycle so you never quite wake up and spend those hours wishing you were just back in bed?

I'll skim over the fact that I kept saying/ thinking it was Sunday several times today. >_>

The more I think about it, I did get a bunch of little things checked off of the to-do list today. However, I'm most proud of (and now focused on) the fact that I have finally started on my new year's resolution of scrapbooking at least one two-page layout about each month this year. Let's skip over the part where I freak out about time flying.

I'm in the thick of "January" and hope to set a precedence for the rest of the pages while trying a new way of tackling the pages to save time and stress. My inspiration color is an earthy teal. Hoping to use some of this momentum towards unleashing the crafty beast on the family vacation scrapbook- a beast in its own right.

The currently guilty pleasure is now the UnTucked episodes from Ru Paul's Drag Race. It really has been a whole new level to the show!

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