Friday, March 2

A Single Cup

I was about to start writing a very touching post... and then I broke my favorite SHIFT key. *eye twitch*

D: The SO tried to help me so its mostly attached again. Alright, where was I?

It's amazing what one cup of coffee will do for the spirit. It's been a long and rough week and I was really looking forward to it being pay day today. We really needed it. However, I failed to put together that I haven't had work in the past two weeks. Resulting in no check this time around. I have no idea why I didn't think to take a few seconds to process that sooner. Forget about that though, I don't mean to whine. I'm very blessed to have people who genuinely care about me and a roof over my head.

What I was getting at is because of the generosity of those around me, I have food this week. A parent brought in mocha coffees for each of us adults in the classroom today out of nowhere. Although I have yet again loaded up on two cups and prepared for gauntlet of events, the gesture was so touching that I had all of mine throughout the day. Yeah, it result in a perpetual heart attack and I probably won't sleep this weekend, but it does make my heart swell with gratitude too. It's very humbling as well.

It still surprises me when people at school think of me above and beyond the bare minimum required to work together. I also got a special classic chocolate bar that's divided into four little sections filled with something different in each. Fruity cereal grain bars to munch on too. All right before it sank in how much I was going to struggle getting groceries for the next two weeks. Thankfully, my family sent some help too even though I hardly ever admit to struggling financially to them. They, especially my mom, just seem to know better. The universe has just really pulled through and provided so much for me just in the knick of time. I don't really know what to say about that other than describing the details because I'm just stunned.

All the little gestures just really add up to one very grateful person: me.

I can only hope that the things that I do can give even a fraction of the feeling and relief it gives me when I'm on the receiving end. I know I don't have much and can't give much, but I really have learned quite a bit about how every little effort helps.

I'm pretty sure I can hold on for another two weeks with cutbacks that I should have started a lot sooner, but I think I can manage that much better with the kindness that has been brought my way. Here's hoping I can honor these wonderful gifts by holding my head high and doing the best I can by giving it my all.

Sorry for being such an emotional wreck. Thanks for listening, as always.

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