Thursday, March 15


Sorry, in a bit of a haze right now because I'm more tired than I thought and today has just been a whirlwind of activity.

Apparently, this gal forgot to set her alarm last night to get up for work today. It's a good thing FMIL dropped something loud off of the counter while prepping her lunch for the day and scared the crap out of me awake. We braced ourselves for a rough day and it really went very well, all things considered. It wasn't that the kids were nuts today, they just really kept us on our toes. So many things that should have worked out much more smoothly turned into mini-productions. The obstacles course and two computer activities that I had to set up for kids should have been some of the simplest things ever and I was nearly running around like a chicken without its head.

Even though St. Patrick's Day isn't until this weekend, a leprechaun did cause quite a bit of mischief in one of the classrooms that I've worked in often. They put a lot of effort into it, the toilet water was dyed green; piles of green, yellow, and white confetti on the floors, tables, and inside the cubbies; little green footprints in paint on the desks; gold and green pompoms strewn all over; gold glitter all over the floor; etc. It was just a hot mess that you had to see and it was fantastic. Different classes came to witness what happens when you "don't super lock the classroom doors" the week of St. Patrick's Day. The classroom I'm mainly in will be ruined come Monday. While we don't often go that detailed/ messy, we do take all of the green toys and toss them all about.

Many of us and the kids remembered to wear green today (so adorable!), there's no school for them tomorrow being the end of the quarter and therefore grading day. I forgot to wear my great striped green socks that I got after the holiday last year! Boo. :( One of the really thoughtful parents found a clover plant at the store and bought one for the classroom. I've never seen a real one before and it had so many pretty white flowers. More than the ones that I saw when I was at the store later on.

Right after I got off of work, the SO came and whisked me away towards downtown to a specialty electronics store. There, he got a few more upgrades to his setup  because it seems that some parts are on their way out despite only being three or so years old custom job. Tad complicated, but we've been working on that for the past several hours. Its been mostly troubleshooting that the average user should not ever see let alone deal with. We still have quite the night ahead of us and now I definitely know what most of my plans for tomorrow will involve.

On the bright side (sorta), I knew we had some bacon we needed to finish off before it went bad so I planned breakfast menu for dinner. Got some extra supplies from the store, did some work building the computer, then set out everything only to discover that the main ingredient we had planned everything else around (various omelettes, sausages, toasts, and pancakes) had already gone bad. Sigh. We had the rest anyways and it was still a nice meal but this was just another example of how everything seemed to go today. Not necessarily bad, but pretty unexpected in a less than positive manner.

I need to see if I can get any of my own work done tonight, lol.

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