Wednesday, March 7


With being in the thick of personal struggles right now (don't get me wrong, I know I am very blessed- I'm actually thankful for getting the chance to worry about my own mess versus anyone else's), I was so fortunate today.

I went in to catch up on observation hours and to learn more about the kids in this new classroom and was able to step out to celebrate a birthday of another teacher aide during lunch at a local restaurant. I got a thin crust personal pan pizza that I was able to save some for future meals. I was also invited to accompany the new class on a field trip in two weeks to the local zoo! I love zoos and I've really wanted to go to this one for the past two years and now I get to go with a bunch of lovely crazy kids! So excited. There will be plenty of pictures then.

I'm working on converting cassette tapes of music into MP3's/ CD's for the preschoolers and... it has not gone smoothly. It wasn't until an hour or so after I was home that I could even get a recording onto my laptop so after this post, I'm going to try to edit the entire thing into manageable files. Hopefully, it will not be as painstaking of a process as I believe it will be. :P

While that was underway, I was able to go to dinner with other coworkers to this amazing Italian restaurant downtown. I've been there once before, it's been around for a while, the food is pretty darn amazing, but the service is pretty lacking. It was decent today but my first experience was the worst service I have ever received in person and, if it had been up to me or the SO, we would have been long gone before experiencing any of that blatant disregard. It's really nice being with really laid back, honest, down to earth, and fun people. There are plenty of quirky senses of humor and it's just refreshing to not have to deal with drama. These are the type of people I would choose to have in my life and they are. Amazing how that works.

The greatest thing about all of this has been the fact that it was a treat after treat. All simply acts of kindness or different people's ways of paying it forward and for that I am so grateful to get some of their kindness and positive energy. So, right now, I am not only grateful but full on many levels.

I didn't think I'd manage to write that much today because I'm working on a caffeine withdrawal headache (my own fault, sigh), but I at least wanted to share two songs that I've recently discovered and fallen in love with:

Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" for the new movie about sparkly vampires. Not proud of that but I adore her work, so here's the lyric video instead:

Train's "Drive By" is just a fun song with an interesting melody that I just love, here's the lyric video:

The same song but the actual music video because I love the cars. It's like a somewhat modern version of Romeo and Juliet but doesn't make you groan and roll your eyes at the corny-ness:

They just make me so happy.

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