Saturday, March 24

Green Update

Whelp, I finally have the January summary update in the new Garden 2012 tab. After putting a lot of thought into how to avoid the massive amounts of information from last year's garden tab fiasco, this is what I've come up with thus far. I like it. Mostly. :P

It's been about two weeks since my last pictorial update of the garden. I keep forgetting that while I go out at least once a day to check on the progress and gradually see the change, I need to take pictures because I love looking back on each step of the development. I know I can't be the only one. Actually, I know that I'm not because I had this conversation with my mom a few days ago, lol. She had a moment when she realized I really am her daughter (in an awkward-really slow on the uptake-kind of way). Then, we bonded. XD

Let's get to it. 
The lettuce.
I realize that I don't often show off the lettuce and I feel badly about that. They are trucking along and I think there may be a bug of some sort that stops by and munches on the leaves every few days. Need to keep a look out for that.
The parsley.
It's so amazing what a few months difference can make with these two. Same packet of seeds, I just started the one (three, really) on the right with the cherry tomatoes last year and the one of the left with the herb planter.
The cilantro.
Speaking of the herb planter, here's a close up of cilantro pretty tiny white flowers. I'll probably chop them off soon so it can focus on more leaf growth. That makes me sound terrible. >_<
 The strawberries!
Oh man. Do you see all of those buds/flowers/baby berries? I read that it takes about a month from blooming flower to fruit readiness. I cannot wait to try one!
The silly beans. 
They've have slowed down in terms of growing taller but they seem to enjoy flexing their leaves together and out throughout the day. I hope that they will start growing upwards again now that the cold spell seems to be over.

The peas.
These guys are so sweet. I love their little grabby vines. The SO and I take turns teaching them how to grab onto the trellis. Needless to say, they are fast learners and growing pretty darn quickly.
The Bird's Eye Chillies.
Of course I had to include them. Do you see how sad Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff look? I'm still crossing my fingers that they will spring back into life like Gryffindor and Slytherin have done in the past few weeks. I have hope because they haven't simply died off yet.

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