Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Halloween added a bit of insanity to the school day, to say the least.

Some classes allowed costumes and/or had parties while others didn't. I'd totally be game to intricately dress-up but haven't in a while. One of these years, just you wait, lol. I ingested more sugar today than I would like to admit, but it's much less than I have in the past.

Um, go me? Not necessarily a conscious effort, but maybe my tastes are maturing or I don't want to start emotionally eating in front of the kids- scarring them for life. Or something. :P

After a long day, FMIL did come back and do some last minute pumpkin carving. This time, we didn't put the jack-o'-lanterns outside for the javelina to enjoy. She's been re-telling that story all year long, I was expecting it to happen even though those herds haven't been terribly active lately. We had costumed visitors this evening and the neighbors across the way shot off some fireworks out of boredom.

It seems that most trick-or-treating is done not so much by walking around neighborhoods, but going to community events instead. At least, around here is seems to be the case. I guess it's really hard with the holiday falling in the middle of the week. Oh boy, tomorrow should be interesting to hear about (whether we like it or not, lol).

Anyway, here are some pictures of our impromptu carving:

 Wasn't sure what I was going to carve until I stared at my pumpkin for a bit today. A spider! Why not?

Was tempted to just stop here and have a goofy face. :D
The sketching was quickly disregarded for simplicity and logic's sake.

 The aftermath. So gross. Decided against roasting the seeds this year.

This is FMIL's pumpkin via template. A jack-o'-lantern within a jack-o'-lantern saying "Boo!"
Trying to learn from our mistakes and keeping them on the inside of the front window.

This is my finished pumpkin- the second year in a row!
We used battery-powered candles again- what with the cats and all.

Happy Halloween, stay safe & have fun!

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