Friday, August 6

157. Melted

I'm not sure what to write about today because I was simply just a hot mess. Lol. It's so humid that the swamp cooler thing doesn't work as well and everything just feels and smells gross. Unless it rains, humidity just makes the desert smell musky. And not a good musky and musk full of dust. :( Rain here smells pretty, mostly in part to the Greasewood, I'm told.

The SO took me for a little ride on FFIL's Harley and that was fun. Then there was the A/C being kinda broken at the new house. D: Part of the coils were frozen outside, giant puddle was forming, and we're left with 83 degrees inside at it's coolest. Hooray trying to circulate air throughout the house by strategically opening windows.

I did manage to organize a little more today. I think my book section is more or less done which makes me almost happy, lol. I've been a tad cranky the past few days and now I'm just wiped from that experience. Let's hope I can cheer up and relax a little this weekend.

TGIF! <3

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  1. heat will do that to ya! hope u feel better and get to relax!!! <3 u...


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