Saturday, April 24

053. Coughy Crafting

My throat's not getting much better today. :( I'm not completely sick but it feels like I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Lol, I initially typed 'surly'. What a fun word. Anywho, I took it easy today in hopes that resting up while I could would help me get better sooner. I feel like I tried to make that sentence rhyme somehow and that it went horribly wrong, ha ha.

We started off today running errands that weren't my idea! Whoa, lol. I updated and re-refined my Etsy shop for the millionth time. One of these days I may be completely satisfied. :P I also decided to just sit and do some research into color trends and what-nots to try to inspire myself and keep from getting bored of using the same palettes and combinations that I know I like but also get tired of (just like everyone else does) seeing it over and over again. I haven't done a very good job at using spring colors because I guess I am just enamored with rich, bold, and bright jewel tones! I love 'em, but I really need to cut that out because it's keeping me in a colorful rut, lol.

So, for more inspiration (but more to keep me in a creative mood) I also started my own mini marathon of  watching My Pink Stamper videos! That's a link to Robyn's collection of videos via her blog, she also has a YouTube channel and Facebook fanpage. I love her style, it's pretty similar to my own and she is just awesome in a million ways. I watched another one of her live streams last night actually. The chat of 500 people drives me a little bonkers though. Yes, it's fast but I'm vaguely used to that, however! There are just some really selfish and downright annoying people that spam it during the broadcast. I know that happens pretty much in any large chat room, it's really been a while since I've been in those situations (I learned my lesson pretty early on). Last time I watched a live broadcast, I was so psyched and even joined in on the chat and realized it was pretty futile because I just ended up wanted to yell back at a certain dozen or so of people who kept asking irrelevant questions and demanding answers.

Funny how a few bad apples can spoil the bunch. Also, it's pretty funny how the older I get- the more things my mother is/ was right about. :P Lol. I pretty much always knew she was, regardless if I understood how, I guess it just really hits home once those situations come up. Anyways, I re-learned my lesson and decided to block that half of the screen with another window so as to not be terribly tempted to log on and blast inconsiderate people to kingdom come (I guess blasting them is a whole "two wrongs don't make a right- but three lefts do" deal, lol). It was much more relaxing for me and I got to enjoy all the goofing off that was involved. She's the one who introduced me to the Waterfall Card Technique that I've fallen in love with.

I made a few recently and I still cannot get enough of it. So, when I got the opportunity and honor to make a few bracelets for a friend's friend, I jumped at the chance to include a little something extra in the package: a handmade card!

The message is "Never Give Up Hope!" and "We Support You!" And I am really grateful to be included in this kind gesture. I'm pretty pleased with how the custom order turned out and I hope they are too when it arrives! Here are a few pictures of that:

Mmk, on another note, upon remembering and reading over my past few lackluster posts, I remembered that I took a picture of the doggie that hasn't been feeling well lately. It was almost-raining and for some reason, he kept standing in the open and getting soaked over time. Finally, he was coaxed into laying down on the patio on a blanket we brought out for him, so here he is:

The poor baby. We've come to the conclusion that he's kind of like a Clydesdale Horse. He has seemed much better since that night though but still swaying a bit on his feet. We're keeping a close eye on him and, of course, spoiling him. :)

On a lighter note, we came together and made a family recipe that is apparently a New Mexican tradition-thing? It's basically a super enchilada and I would post more details but I wasn't really paying attention this time around since I haven't been feeling well, :( sorry, lol. However, I do have pictures!

Mmm. I promise to pay more attention next time. It has fried corn tortillas in a sauce that is tomato sauce based covered in layers of ground beef, lettuce, green onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and another tortilla. Then, all topped off with- um, I guess that's not a sunny side up egg... darn, I'm not very good at this... hold on, lol - over easy/medium egg? Lol, I went to go ask and the answer wasn't conclusive. Anywho, it was fun and yummy. Prior to cooking dinner, homemade guacamole was made so we could munch on tortilla chips as we decided how many layers we wanted for dinner. :P

Bah, I should probably be resting in bed right now, hm? Well, it actually sounds like a good idea this time around so that's all I'll write about today! Until tomorrow, <3!

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