Wednesday, May 5

064. Maybe Not.

I started writing today and realized that what I was writing should be said to someone specific, so I turned it into a letter instead. No point in saying it if I can't tell them personally. If that makes any sense, lol. Hooray for converting negative energy into positive action. One of these days, I'll get it right more often than not. :)

Anyways, I cooked dinner again tonight! Whoa, two nights in a row. I think that may be a new record. Wait, I think I actually did it three nights in a row... I didn't really consider Velveeta mac and cheese with instant cheddar and garlic mashed potatoes from two nights really counted as cooking, but I guess it kind of does, lol. Well, I baked some chicken today and paired it with rice and steamed vegetables. The chicken was breaded with Italian-seasoned bread crumbs, I added some more herbs and cheese! Towards the end I added some buttermilk ranch and more cheese on top. It was yummy. I guess I should have taken a picture... shoot. Ha ha, I guess we were all a bit too hungry tonight!

I'm still under the weather, probably with a mild cold, but I have made some progress with my to-do list this week- thank goodness. I'll catch up soon. Or else. /shrug. Lol. Isn't that how it always is? Ooh! There is some good news: the household's big project list for last month was finally completed today! Hooray for us! This month's task list has already been posted and we're not so sure we can manage this one, but the list is optimistic. I think we'll be happy if one thing on it is completely accomplished by the end of the month.

We, or rather I, must be a on a plant kick these past couple of days. When one of the SO's brothers was doing yard work today, he found a baby mesquite tree nestled under a palo verde aka the Mother Tree. It wasn't going to get much bigger as long as the palo verde was around, so he dug it up and put it into a pot until it's decided where it should go. Now this, I took pictures of!

 Baby Mesquite!

It's about 18 inches tall atm.

The Big Mesquite! 

The SO and his family planted it as a baby years ago, I believe. I was also told that these are probably two different types of Mesquite. Oh well, I still wanted to compare the two anyways, lol. Oh! I forgot to mentioned yesterday how the school was having a mini (two-day) book fair with BOGO! I haven't been to a book fair in ages and used to love them- that and the classroom that I'm in is directly across from the library where the fair was being held- I knew I had to visit. I ended up getting a fun pen with multi-colors that clips to my belt loops and these goodies:

Because I think Jan Brett is friggin' amazing.

A heartwarming story about winter migration and mooching, lol.

A book about feeeeelings! Bear is so fluffy.

Another really cute story with oh so soft looking pictures.

Oh come on, how could I not get this?!

All in all, I think the conclusion = I really need a classroom of my own. I need a place to put all of this stuff I have and stuff I want to get! Ahh! I do believe this was a steal though. They are all quite cute books too. Hm, I just noticed the winter-theme... minus the Halloween mummy. That kind of explains the whole sale thing. I actually didn't meant that and there were other really cute and well-written books there that I just had to let go. Lol, there was one that had to do with a pouty fish... he ends up kissing everyone... I felt that it was kind of germy... XD. Ugh, I love the artwork in each of these! They are all pretty much considered pictures books, I believe. I'd read some to the kids but I think that would just further mess with all the spring time activities we've been doing. Oh, another funny thing is was that FMIL had also chosen almost all of these books at an earlier time too! Great minds do think alike! Or maybe I'm better at this than I thought I was. Or maybe these books are just that awesome that everyone has to have them. I'm voting for that last one, lol. 

Eh, I'm done rambling for the night. See you again tomorrow! <3

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