Thursday, March 8

Checkpoint, Agent

The SO and I took care of some important errands today that have been weighing heavily on us for at least a year now. Finally getting this ball rolling is so relieving. No, we're not expecting a baby/ wedding/ home. XP

It's a new month and we're tackling many unfinished projects of varying scales head on and while I don't feel a tremendous weight being lifted off my shoulders just yet, it is motivating me to keep going strong.

Some of the stuff I worked on today included organizing and updating sections of my blog more and wrapping up the CD project I was doing for school. It's rough, crude, and far from perfect but they are made and I don't want to hear a song about a dinosaur for at least a few weeks.

As a reward for jobs done well, we got yummy sandwiches at a local chain and I did this:
Agent P (Perry the Platypus)-inspired nails!

I had this teal base color underneath a rich blue crackle and it was driving me bonkers for the past few days. There is just something about the texture that bothers me when I'm fiddling with my nails- which I do a ton. Last night, I tore it off while doing homework and put just the base color back on again. 

Today, I had the revelation that the color reminded me of Perry the Platypus from Disney's Phineas and Ferb! They actually had their third annual Platypus Day last week and had a marathon that I wasn't able to see. Regardless, after finishing more projects today, I changed the polish on the first and last nails to resemble his secret agent hat and tail. I am so pleased with myself about this, it's almost disgusting, lol. I just realized while looking at the picture, that's the hand that I wear my Mickey Mouse ring. So coordinated in a dorky way.

As long as I can retrain myself to truly be happy with little things like this, I really feel that the time it takes to turn our lives around and back on track will be much more positive. ^_^


  1. I have never thought to do nails like that before. But I really like it! It almost tells a story <3

    1. Thanks! I got the idea mostly from those t-shirts that you see of cartoon characters now that's just their face/ Disney's Vinylmation dolls that have a minimalistic design/ movie poster fanart that goes by the same idea. I can't wait to wear my Perry shirt in public with these nails. XD


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