Wednesday, February 29

Begging For Green

Been having a mental health- catch up on sleep kind of day, so I'm not sure what to report.

It got nearly freezing last night, so the plants were covered and they seem to have done fine. Nothing but the lettuce as sprouted and it gets me a bit anxious.

I'm currently working on a storage system for the extra PECS cards we have at school. There was a mishap with my new recipe of meaty nacho dip. :(

Oh! We had to head out to our local supermarket that offers more organic foods because a certain fuzzy little man has decided enough was enough and insisted upon having some greenery to eat. He has been jonesing for a few days now and while I finally started a batch of new pet grass, for some reason, it's been very slow growing. If you've been around here long enough, you know that I usually can't stop that grass from starting up and being six inches in no time. It's just driven him crazy because he's figured out that I'm sort of holding out on him. Climbed on the back of my chair, put his front paws up on my shoulder, and headbutted me in the back of the head. Complete withe pathetic meowing in my ear. Poor spoiled, obnoxious baby, lol.

He's normally so low-maintenance and sweet that it actually makes us feel super guilty about how we can't make grass grow faster in the desert. >_<. So I shoveled the rest of my PB&J lunch in my mouth as we headed out the door, picked up some new grass (so much cheaper, fuller, and long lasting than at the big box pet store!) as well as some raspberries, blueberries, and kiwis as treats for FMIL, and headed up to a very despondent and desperate cat. He was so happy. XD

He spent the first few minutes tickling his mouth and licking the blades before purring nonstop and nibbling on a few of the outer strands. For the rest of the day, he has mostly left all of us alone aside from begging to have a field trip outside. He figures if begging can get him his favorite snack, that he might just get everything he wants. Mewing up the wrong tree, sweetie. We love you too much to let you become desert bait.

Sigh. I cannot believe that February is already over! Happy Leap Day? Oh man, do I have some resolution catching up to do.

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