Sunday, April 1


There wasn't much by the way of pranks here today. Maybe due to the fact that it was also Palm Sunday? Who knows but I'm okay with that.

It's always fun to see what shenanigans websites and online games are up to on this day. However, if you've been around them long enough or you realize what day it was today, then you don't often get fooled by their elaborate stories. Instead, it just becomes a mild amusement at what they come up with and how far they are willing to take it. I am beyond over YouTubers making video messages about quitting whatever they are doing. Especially if it's pretty much the same trick each year. There are plenty of other goofy things to do and pranks to play that are truly timeless.

We haven't been up to much here today besides some light cleaning and the typical chores. Still warm out today with some wind but pretty cold at night. I don't understand what the weather is doing (we had thought about re-conditioning the swamp cooler but don't want to activate the pump for no reason) but I guess we're not the only ones with odd weather after talking to family in New York, Minnesota, and Florida. Wow. I am actually writing extensively about the weather...

Oh! I did make a stop at JoAnn's today with FMIL. I got some black felt for amigurumi critters but they were out of white, a tiny crochet hook for making little doggies using a book that my best friend got me, a batch of tiny toy eyes also for amigurumi critter, a pack of white gel pens for adding highlights to my mini canvas jewelry, and beading needles for using my seed beads. All for under $13 mostly because I refrained from getting more yarn (not being on sale helped ease the pain of not getting them, lol) despite the gorgeous new colors. That's all I can think of since I've already started jabbering on about odd weather. :P

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