Monday, April 30

90's Child

Ran a few errands today and then stopped by sorta sister-in-law's house to help fix some leaky outdoor faucets. As a result, the SO and I were treated to a homecooked pork tenderloin dinner that was quick, simple, and yummy. :D Fair trade indeed. It's even better because we got to visit with our kitty's sister and her unrelated sister. We're... related a la kitties (being crazy cat parents) and friendship. XD Anywho...

Many of my formative years were the late 90's and 00's. So these two videos that I've found lately have brought back many memories. Very fun, actually.

Sam Tsui does a Britney Spears Medley. I'm not even a huge fan of her but this is fantastic.

Local Vocal (Nordic A capella Vocal Group) does a 90's Medley. Check the video out on YouTube to see the information bar for a list of the songs that they included.

Have fun!

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