Sunday, October 21

Assembly Lines

FMIL and I hunkered down today for some serious card-making. She wanted to work on her Christmas cards after experiencing my madness for the past few years. We had some friends who said that they may stop by so she put out quite the spread.

We have been nibbling on Cheddar and Gouda with crackers, chocolates, grapes, and Bugles chips with sour cream and sunflower seeds. Weird, but oddly addicting.

She managed to get all of her cards done! Woohoo! It's funny how efficient you can get at mass-producing a bunch of cards.

I made a bunch of cards to replenish my stash, a pack of little gifts, and started on another set of fancier cards. We were super productive!

Here are some pictures of the cards that I was working on today:



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