Friday, October 26

Friday Is My Favorite

It was pay day Friday again! Hooray! Not going to see the results of my increased workload for at least another two weeks, but that's almost okay. :P

Today was a pretty rough day with the kids around the school. Not sure what was in the water or air, but we all made it through and it's the weekend.

Again, rushed around with some errands and some last-minute decorating for Halloween. We don't have any formal plans and probably won't. Maybe eating a lot of left over candy that we have yet to buy. We're in the outskirts of town enough that all of the local children seem to have grown up and away 5-10 years ago.

Been functioning at some higher state of delirium this week and the conversations I've started up with the SO prove it. Still is great that we hardly ever bat an eyelash at the oddest of conversations and "transitions" between subjects.

Just need to touch up on miscellaneous projects tomorrow around the house such as organizing FMIL's craft area, getting the table ready for another card-making session, mounds of laundry, gardening (big maybe), some crocheting, some scrapbooking, and probably more planning because I feel like I'm missing a couple of steps.

I get to sleep in tomorrow! YAY!

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