Tuesday, October 9


Today was picture day and I ended up subbing again. It was very active but by far the best that we've had in recent memory. Very proud of and happy for the kids handling it so well amidst the chaos of returning to school after a week long break.

It was overall a pretty darn good day. Especially once you considered all of the circumstances and ways it could have gone wrong. Still found plenty of reasons to keep a smile up for the kids. Really do believe the research that basically says smiling a lot eventually "tricks" your brain into thinking that you're happy until you start to actually feel that way.

Tried relaxing a bit when we got home by hanging out with the SO and playing some video games. I've been on a playing kick for the past few days. I couldn't even finish a section of the game before I gave up and told him to take his turn. Ended up that I was much more exhausted than initially thought and took an unexpected nap mid-observation. Was not aware of falling asleep, let alone for how long, and everyone just let me rest.

A piece of good personal news is that the Christmas cards are finally done! I made more than enough but as time goes on, I have a feeling I'll meet enough new people to give them to. :) A grand total of 80 were put together! Can't wait until I send them out so I can post pictures about them- as per tradition! :P I might add an extra touch once it gets closer to delivery time because I feel that it's missing the new special technique that I've tried out during the past few years. We'll see how crazy life gets around that point.

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