Monday, October 15

Review So Far

Well, I finally have caught up with the Garden Tab!

It was only, say... five months that I was behind? Sheesh.

I have not blogged nearly as much as I have in the past about my pathetic garden. The vlogs helped cover more info in a shorter amount of hands-on time, but I have come so close to giving up so many times this year.

Well, I have more posts than I did last year, but the amount of information, pictures, and frequency are much less this time around.

At least I've learned a lot about what to keep track of and what has been worth the effort. When we do get into our own space, I really want to keep a garden up, even if it's on a small scale or never gets any bigger than it is now.

It started off with so much diversity this year and now has just under half that amount. I haven't really done the numbers. I'm tired and sick.

Turns out that I'm chaperoning a field trip to a local canyon this Friday. It involves larvae-hunting and a great nature walk that one of the teachers from last year ended up passing out on. To say that I'm worried about some of these flimsy kids is an understatement. I hope it's only super fun.

More gift-giving plans are being made each day and it makes my spirit happy but worries my wallet just a little more. I'm trying not to let that overshadow making this holiday season a happy one. Learning to adapt and find simpler ways to celebrate is definitely a priority this year. Good life skills. :) Oh yes, I am grabbing onto those silver linings. Lol.

I can't even think of what else I wanted to accomplish tonight, but at least I surprised myself with catching up with those garden summaries!

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