Friday, October 5

Seasonally Started

It's official!

The seasonal projects are in full swing for me now. More than 20 weather-appropriate cupcakes are done, the coffee man appreciated his gift (even though I could tell it was now too small for him after washing), finished putting together a birthday package, moderated more live streams, switched out to my cool weather clothes, and after hours of pining by the front door- my holiday craft order arrived!

It's all of the remaining supplies for this years' cards arrived today but I had hoped to work on them midweek. I'm determined to get a solid start tomorrow! We're having guests over for dinner because there was too much chicken defrosted with the new fridge frenzy.

The weather has cooled off considerably, next week should see a few days with a high in the 80's, and the nights are starting to get chilly! I absolutely love it! Autumn is pretty much my favorite season. All the great things about Winter but much less harsh- cooler weather and only some holiday obligations to fret about.

After a few talks with some friends who have given me tons of moral support during my mental insanity lately, I realized that I spent the entire Fall "Break" doing things for someone else. Not much different from my day job except the hours, access to internet, and less injuries from others. LOL.


Gotta keep taking a breath and looking at all the silver lining. Maybe I can somehow collect on all of these good karma points that I'm racking up soon.

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