Tuesday, October 2

Reviewing Reels

Watched/ listened to a lot of recorded footage of web show streams today while working more on crafts and projects. Partly for inspiration and partly for freelancing.

It's been nice to not have to deal with the live chats since I sometimes get frustrated by people who aren't paying attention to the streamers' answers to the same questions over and over again. That or moderating in general. With the kids I work with, it's much easier to deal with because I feel as if they don't know better but adults who are putting themselves in those situations are another story...

At the same time, I sometimes forget that it's a recording and I can't have that instant gratification of immediate interaction with other viewers or the streamer. I find myself silently screaming out answers or saying geshundheit to a sneeze. It's a weird and delicate balance for interacting with humans on the internet. For sure.

Pretty sure my mind is a pile of mush right now. Tomorrow is going to be a much more physically active chore-full day. 

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