Wednesday, October 10

Tasks vs. Projects

It never ceases to amaze me how one action could be merely a task to one person but a massive project to another.

I run into it often at school with the many helpful projects I take on but others end up viewing them as mere tasks coming from me. It's a good and bad thing. Always super flattered and happy just to get the praise and gratitude.

People insist on trying to get me gifts to return the favor in their own way, but the matter is that we all have different strengths. I'm grateful and satisfied to be able to help these great people do what really matters- be with and teach the kids.

On the other hand, sometimes people are unappreciative and start being selfish about it, but by that time- I just stop offering my help. Simple as that. I don't have to pour my hours into people who try to take advantage of all my hard work. Or, if I do, it's for the kids and most definitely not you because we're here for them with being the future of our species and all.

Another big incident that I saw this with was the reactions to my squealing a little bit on FB about how I was done with my holiday cards. Well, done making them. You know what I mean, lol. I felt I had to clarify that in the status later on. It's not like I do this with any other project.

This has just become such a special personal tradition for me (and sorta with my sweetheart) and when all else kinda sucks for several weeks or a few months in a row, I know that I can at least do this one project in a way that I know I can get it done in time to spread a little joy to the people I care about.

Really wish I made more time for writing handwritten letters more and I have totally lapsed in birthday cards, but at least I still have these cards.

Sorry if I seem a bit hazy in my thinking. I think I'm developing a head cold from the little buggers at school.

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