Tuesday, October 16

For Me/ Us

Couldn't contain myself any longer. Went through all of my digital photos from 2009 until now (2012) and set aside any that I thought would be good for my own Project Life book.

It would be as a sequel to the original 12x12 inch scrapbook I had made for our first year of dating. I'm pretty sure all of the picked pictures would fit into a single book this time around.

I know I talked about wanting to use up more of my patterned paper, (there is already a book I pictured out as our second album!) but I cannot express how little I am interested in handcrafting another volume like the original. It was just way to pain-staking and long enough to take a few years to finish!

I also noticed that we've taken less and less of ourselves as the years go on because of the tight spot we've gotten into financially. I'm going to try to change that in a few ways. Mostly by embracing the every day moments more.

Haven't been able to focus on too much more even though there's been plenty of projects done for others. The holiday gifts and ideas continue.

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