Friday, October 12

Friday Fun

We may not have made it to the monthly happy hour this month, but we did manage to have a little fun earlier today during an impromptu farewell party for a co-worker. Sad to see them go, but it was nice to relax and hang out for a short while. I had a throwback Pepsi that gave me my second wind after school.

Did I mention it was Pay Day Friday? Oh yes, I was very overjoyed. Big relief!

I also got a letter from my mom the other day as well as a care package today. Just reaffirms my belief in a deep inexplicable connection between a mother and her child. So many things just sunk into place today and not only took a weight off my shoulders, but refilled my heart and spirit too.

Had forgotten that I asked my mom to keep an eye out for one thing, so that was in the package, but she also included some nice new clothes that I can wear to work. However, the biggest pleasant surprise were in two little boxes that I couldn't figure out what was inside: tons of new nail polishes! Tons of fun new colors that are great for Fall and a solid start to Winter too.

They are so pretty and it just means so much that my mom was able to make the time to pick and choose colors that she thought were good for me/ that I would really like. It's not that I'm obsessed with nail polish, I just love collecting colors and this is just one thing that we've been able to bond over. Plus, I know she always gets great deals on these. :P

I can't remember what I was going to write about today, but after coming home from work and running errands, the package was opened and it all went out the window. The color interpretations are my own. Here are the pictures!

 OPI's "Austin-tatious Turquoise" (Very blue-green with matching glimmer) - "Flashbulb Fuchsia" (magenta with blue base with very subtle matching shimmer) - "Teal All the Cows Come Home" (heavier on the blue with very subtle silver shimmer) -  "Purple With Purpose" (metallic purple)
I viewed these as bright metallics that would add a great pop of color to more neutral outfits of Autumn.

OPI's "On the Same Paige" (solid deep pumpkin orange) -"The 'It' Color" (goldenrod) - "Dating a Royal" (royal blue)
All great solids for Fall!

OPI's "I Have A Herring Problem" (this one's confusing, to me it looks like a blue-based gray with fine silver and holographic shimmer but it's described as a bluish sea green) - "My Private Jet" (looks like a dark chocolate brown, but is really a brown-based black with fine brown and silver shimmer) - "Glitzerland" (translucent gold with fine gold glitter) - "Crown Me Already!" (clear base with tons of fine silver glitter, silver glitter, and chunky silver glitter)
It may be a pain to take off, but these will look super good on special occasions!

 Essie's "As Gold As It Gets" (clear base with fine and normal size gold glitter) - "Golden Nugget" (fine dark gold glitter) - "Going Incognito" (dark emerald green)
Again more glitter and a nice modern Autumn solid from my second favorite brand.

I have a few pieces of paper that I painted samples on, but the collection has changed with getting new polishes and giving some colors to friends. I made paint swatch-like cards by "reds", "glitters", "neutrals", and etc. but what I'm really coveting are acrylic nail wheels. Especially since I could use remover to take of the color should something happen to the actual bottle. Maybe some day.

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