Friday, October 19


A couple of the kids today were insisting that we were going on a field trip to the Grand Canyon today. That's several hours away with two classrooms-worth of children. No, thank you.

We actually went to Sabino Canyon and it's about 20-30 minute drive away from school on the bus. I had not been there yet so was excited to see what they had to offer. Only authorized vehicles were allowed in and there were tons of people jogging and walking the trails.

Nature walk ending with a quick coloring activity surrounding camouflage, hiding our creations nearby for each other to find, and lunch. It ended up getting pretty warm today and there were only bits of shade on the trail.

We did have to learn what to do if we happened upon a mountain lion or snake an vice versa.

Here are some pictures I took of things that we observed.

 Stood in an empty wash.
 Noticed the different kinds of greenery.
 Saw mud and new were were close to some water.
 Saw many spider webs. This one was huge.
 Observed the different layers and shapes of the rocks.
 Hypothesized that these were old deer tracks.

Found little alcoves of water!
 Found schools of little fish in small pools of water.
 Spotted tiny red toad/ frog.

Tired and a tad dehydrated so I definitely need some rest now. TGIF!

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