Thursday, October 18


I wanted to start off by saying Happy Birthday to my best friend! I'm glad I got to see you tonight even if Skype was being evil, rude, and mean. Hope you have fun celebrating this weekend!

Cannot wait until the weekend, mostly because I want to sleep for many many hours in a row without freaking out in the middle of the night thinking that I slept through my alarm. Sigh.

Got a few basic cards done tonight. I think that's my next medium-potentially large project. My nice stash is very depleted because card sets do make for a nice and quick gift. Plus, I have a stamp set or two that have been barely used because I couldn't figure out how I wanted to use them.

Thinking about the past two weeks, I have accomplished or made serious progress on many solid projects. I'm very proud of myself for that. Not sure what's changed but have decided to keep riding this wave and trucking through in the meantime.

I get to order the prints tomorrow for my family's scrapbook! We're planning to make a bunch of Christmas cards this weekend too. I hope that pulls through. I should have something pretty fun to share tomorrow! Fun as in different that what I've been posting lately, lol.

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