Monday, October 22

Monday Questionnaire

All of the staff at school unanimously voted to go back to bed today. Too bad it wasn't a formal vote or anything. Here's a Monday Questionnaire!

Cleaning up minimal scraps after a big paper project is super satisfying. Plus, I love the colors.

1.) Mood:
Dead tired. I did not get enough sleep last night and was a train wreck from that point on.  

2.) What was the best part of your weekend?
Spending time with my sweetheart and kitty having a very personal conversation and thinking nothing of it at the time. Have missed spending quality time with just us. A close second was eating Gouda cheese on a cracker while cranking out a bunch of cards. That feeling of accomplishment with a hint of indulgence was grand. 

3.) If you HAD to choose one: drastic hair color change, or drastic haircut?!
Drastic hair color change. I've had fun with that in the past but have never done anything crazy with my hair. Not brave enough. 

4.) Current nail polish:
Nothing since yesterday but I plan to pick another pink color to show solidarity against Breast Cancer. 
5.) You're carving a pumpkin... what do you carve?
Something cutesy and Halloween-themed. Did a screeching black cat and ghost saying "Boo!" last year. That or a regular jack-o'-lantern face. I'd love to get creative some day.
6.) Current outfit:
Recently got home from work, so I threw on some baby blue cotton shorts and kept on my green tank top. Had jeans and a white button-up as a cover-up earlier.
7.) Are there any TV shows you are really loving at the moment?
LOL. We're going old school on Hulu because we don't have cable here. The SO and I were watching Garfield and Friends.

8.) Do you change your makeup routine with the seasons?  How is it different for fall?
I do it more in the fall and winter because of the events and lack of heat that makes me sweat it off. For Fall, it's more oriented to my special outfits instead of whatever color I feel like sporting with my neutral clothing.

9.) Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?
:(  I don't think so. We're on the outskirts of the city and don't have any Halloween plans this year. I do love dressing up in homemade costumes though. My mom made all of my costumes growing up and she helped me be whatever I wanted. It was awesome! I've been dying to own/ make a heavy, soft, and full cloak since the summer. Just because they're great.
10.) Weekly goals:
Oye. Do I really have to think about these? I've stopped for the past two weeks and taken on projects as they come. Good timing because a lot came my way in that time. I have tons of organizational projects from helping teachers at school, so I'll probably end up taking a few home with me. I have to prepare the group baby shower gift once the parts arrive this week. Got really into card-making this past weekend so I should take advantage of that wave of enthusiasm while it lasts. Probably anything I could have the energy to organize with my own personal clutter would be fantastic. Trying to reduce the stress in my life and I think that'll make a world of difference.
Oh! Just realized that the pages from my family's Florida book should have arrived today! Woohoo, I'm so excited to have them in my hands, I'm shaking. All that hard work... Going to open them now!

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