Sunday, October 7


It's the last day of my fall break and a friend and I agreed that it's high time we both just take a day for ourselves. To finally relax.

The SO and I had a great debate and discussion about nature "versus" nurture, I worked on a revision to the Christmas cards, and then I was able to get onto our current obsession (Diablo3).

I do a lot of work for a portion of that game's community and it's a bit of an inside joke that while I spend many hours with it, I never get to play. Partly because my laptop physically cannot run the program and because only the SO has an account to play. He does let me play whenever I want- it's the handy thing about sharing the hobby of video games. We each know when are good pausing points to sneak in conversations or reminders, etc.

I do wish I could have done more fun things for myself during this time. Our next big break is Thanksgiving weekend- that's not relaxing at all! Lol. However, I did get a lot accomplished, even if it wasn't exactly what I had put on my To-Do List. The To-Done list is looking pretty good.

I am feeling emotionally better lately and am still working hard on letting the negativity go.

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