Thursday, October 4

For The Love Of Food

I was sitting here thinking about what I spent my day focusing on and realized that's it's all been about a refrigerator.

This is the part where while I'm feeling grateful, I'm also rubbing my face in my hands.

The old one was at least my age and (understandably) has been on the fritz for the past few months. This past week, it didn't feel cold inside but it was sputtering by. With two milks and one creamer spoiling in three days before even being opened, FMIL was inspired to go searching for a new one.

We spent some of yesterday clearing off the top of... its layers and the other visible surfaces full of memorabilia. This morning, we spent preparing areas for all the pets to go when the deliverymen got here, clearing adequate space from the back gate because there wasn't much of a way for them to get through any of the doors and still have, you know, arms.

Cleaning out the one cooler around, cleaning other spaces because they were suddenly accessible, and then the SO was able to pry the old appliance out of its spot so we could discover what has made it behind there through the years. That was the hardest and it required protective eye wear and breathing through our shirts as masks. We emptied what we could a half an hour before the new one came.

They were prompt and efficient and for that we're very grateful. I was scrambling to grab the frozen and other items out while they sorted out an issue of the removal service. Luckily, it was worked out and I move fast. Honestly, if it had been up to me, everything would have already been out of there before anything arrived.

The new piece was assembled, drinks of water were given, and then the SO and I scrambled to buy another cooler and some ice. FMIL washed the new surfaces and then we had to wait five hours before putting anything back. Stuff went to waste, mostly because there was still too much being saved to fit in the coolers and some had to be shoved in a plastic storage bin with some ice.

Hours later, everything that could be salvaged made it back inside and it is beautiful. Sorry for the mini-rant, it's just been more stressful than I would have liked for the process to be.

I have also reviewed more footage, watched live web streams, moderated the chat, finished up some crocheted cupcakes, and painted a t-shirt for FMIL's beloved coffee bean provider. I met him last week at the farmer's market.

There's a specific type he discovered by accident with his wife that FMIL adores. For a while, she wasn't able to get it but teased him when it finally arrived: "Good! I had to drink Folgers while waiting for this!" His mock horrified answer was: "Friends don't let friends drink Folgers!" It's been a joke that the quote should be put in a t-shirt. Well, that's where I come in. I heard that as an idea that I could totally figure out how to do!

With stencils, foam brushes, three little bottles of fabric paint, a little bit of time, and some free-handing later:

It's a more "PC" paraphrase of the quote and wow it looks much better in the picture than it does in person. LOL. Definitely a homemade feel to it in real life. We're going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow, so I hope he gets a kick out of it.

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