Wednesday, October 24


Doing my best to take back my judgement and cynicism back a couple of notches and focus either on improving myself or decreasing World Suck.

Little steps I've taken today include happily and quietly listening to others vent their frustrations, had some free pie, paid for drinks for a get-together I unknowingly crashed (sigh), made the baby shower card, tidied my work area a bit, and done some of those exercises you can do while sitting at a desk. Or rather, anywhere while in front of a screen for hours at a time.

Can't expect others to change if I'm not putting in the time to change myself for the better. Plus, wasting all of that negative energy on others just brings more onto me. Are they being affected? Not really. While I'm being driven up a invisible wall so high that we may need to make up a new type of measurement. :P

My first physical experience with Project Life has been great although I am a tad disappointed with a few minor flaws I was able to pick out within three minutes of opening the "long"-awaited package. Was really expecting near perfection with the hype and hype I had built up in my head. However, it's not for me and maybe that's why I silently flipped out a little.

Going to go off and ogle the new goodies a little more before crawling into bed. Thanks for constantly listening. : )

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