Thursday, October 25

Teenage Advice

This is a YouTube tag, so in essence an email forward/ Myspace bulletin/ whatever it was called. It is about namely beauty advice you would give to your teenage self. I saw this on FleurDeForce's channel not too long ago.

Three makeup/ fashion DO's for your teenage self:
1. Experiment so you can learn. Hey, your mom is cool with it as long as you don't go out looking like a hooker. It's better to be careful with the products now and learn how to use the stuff now- even if it seems a little "early". The skills of knowing what things are and what they are used for would help you become polished so much sooner. That includes heels.

2. Look in the mirror. I know you feel like utter crap about yourself right now, but get to know what you look like. Face shape, skin tones, hair types, body shape, the works. It all will make your life simpler in about a decade and help you feel like a competent shopper and adult.

3. Do soak that set of acrylic nails for a super long time, wait for mom to come home, or get them removed professionally. Completely ruining and ripping off your natural nails because you were impatient and panicked is a stupid idea.

Three makeup/ fashion DON'Ts for your teenage self:
1. Don't keep running and hiding from mom. Listen to her, then compromise. You know she has timeless classic tastes while still looking modern. Just try that top she just bought and will wear if you don't, even if it is white or pink. Guys are going to think about your chest even if they can't see any of it.

2. Don't worry so much! Some great guys will like you- a lot, your skin will get better with time and some care, your going to get into some college, etc. Life will still go on and stressing yourself out is making your appearance issues a bajillion times worse.

3. Don't let your mom bleach your hair to add in highlights. It was neon orange, burned, and you looked like a skunk that evening. Just... don't.

A deep and meaningful piece of advice for your teenage self:
You are awesome. Always have been and always will be. The constant criticism stings but it's never going to go away. Be strong/ brave for yourself because you are an awesome person.

One tip for school:
Stick with an education degree. You've had that gut feeling for so long and didn't believe enough in yourself to listen to that.

One tip for friends:
Each of us should take a bunch of pictures of the everyday stuff we did together and the awesome times. We'll regret not doing it more down the road when we grow apart.

One tip for fun:
More road trips.

I'm starting to get all nostalgic with a mist of regretful now. Sigh.

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