Monday, October 29

Monday Questionnaire, Oct. 29

 This image of Hurricane Sandy is from NASA's Earth Observatory.
Our thoughts and prayers are with every who has and will be affected.
Please, stay safe.
1.) Mood:
Discouraged but struggling to keep going. So, vaguely motivated. Very vaguely.
2.) On the topic of Hurricane Sandy, are any natural disasters common where you live?
I grew up in South Florida and can understand the fear of an impending hurricane. They also have tornadoes with minor earthquakes and wildfires. Here in Arizona, I believe the biggest concern is the wildfires that wrecked us last year. There are also residual hurricanes and earthquakes.
3.) What is your favorite song at the moment?
Erm... usually I tell you at the drop of a hat. Let's go with "One More Night" by Maroon 5. 
4.) Current nail polish:
essie's "Jamaica Me Crazy". It was already chipping after two days over the weekend, but I'm not going to change it until tomorrow to have a fresh coat for Halloween.
5.) If you could only use one makeup product, what would it be?
Foundation to conceal my acne scars.
6.) Current outfit:
Gray yoga pants, gray long sleeve Perry the Platypus shirt, and my black sneakers. Comfort and warmth for a rough around the edges Monday.
7.) Are you good at keeping in touch with friends and family?
I'm getting better. Comparatively speaking, I'm pretty decent. Phone calls to my family, Christmas cards to friends, Skype dates with my closest friends, FB stalking, etc.
8.) Are you excited about any holiday makeup collections this year?
I was really intrigued by OPI's 007 holiday collection. The MAC Glamour Daze Holiday Collection, namely the eyeshadows are very pretty too. Neither scream "holiday" to me, but I'm okay with cliche colors schemes.
9.) The world's most wonderful chef is at your home ready to fix any meal you desire-- what do you order?
Steak, cheesy and chocolate fondues with delicious things to dip. Anything else that I love, I'd only want my mom to make it.
10.) Weekly goals:
What a biggie. Organizing FMIL's growing card stock collection so I can access the spare room, working on that life's goal list, becoming at peace with my efforts at work, walk home from school one day, and finishing up the baby shower gift. Those are the biggest I should focus on this week.

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