Saturday, October 13

Organizational Kick

Trying to not sleep the weekend away (even though I could probably actually use the rest to stave off this cold) and was very motivated to re-think some storage solutions thanks to those new polishes and another Throwback Pepsi.

When I started the heirloom recipe project a year ago, sometime along the way, I bought one of those photo keeper boxes for FMIL's recipe cards because I didn't think they'd fit in the page protectors or her original box. Well, I was wrong, everything worked out, and I had a lovely little box of good intentions starting to gather dust.

With these new polish colors, I wanted to be able to access any shade I felt like wearing from the collection. Here's what I ended up with after about an hour.

Dividers are reused cardboard from packages halfway covered white paper.
Rainbow ordered OPI with specialties in the back and base/top coats in the front.

Essies in the little boxes the new colors were in yesterday.
The poor white one is outside because I don't want to store anything sideways.

My beauty drawer re-organzied yet again but with more cardboard dividers.Everything was in a great spot before, but kept sliding around if I picked up something to use. Plus, I wanted to use as little cups as possible since they tapered and wasted space.
Top left to right: Perfume for special occasions, hand cream, nail buffer, cotton swabs, makeup sponge, lip balm, the Essies with manicure supplies, sharpeners, and my Urban Decay eye shadow palettes. 

Bottom left to right: Lipsticks, lip liners, eye liners, eyebrow pencils, pressed powder, blushes, eye shadow quads, brushes, mascara, lip gloss (often goes in my purse), eyelash curlers, facial moisturizer, liquid foundation, and deodorant.

I am loving it so far! We'll see how well it works once I actually start to use it, lol. Trying to think of a good accessible but hidden away spot to keep the new box of polishes. My nails are already a bright fuchsia color with a small white daisy on each ring finger. I'm going to keep my nails pink for most of this month in solidarity with fighting against Breast Cancer. That's definitely my main donation focus this month too.

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