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When I start to worry about what I might write about, my family seems to swoop in to save the day without even realizing it. Forewarning: this will be a pretty girly post!

It's a belated Valentine's Day gift from my mom, who has been my Valentine for every year since I was nine. No shame- she gives some of the best gifts! The funny thing was, I had partially forgotten that it was on its way because of everything that's happened lately. So, while I was heading out to pick up the mail, there's a package "from" my brother but the addresses are in my dad's handwriting. Family collaboration, right there. XD

I recently told my mom about my new obsession of learning about makeup and my own physical features. Pretty foreign stuff, as awkward as I typically am. When she asked if I wanted anything, I asked about her suggestions and advice on lips (lipstick types and colors), why she uses the brands and products she does (because the only pieces I have were inherited from her), and about an eyelash curler. I have finally gotten brave enough to try again. I sound like such a wimp, lol.

Fast forward to this care package turned haul:
- a thoughtful card
- two sweater tops (violet and burgundy)
- two scarves (silvery lavender and linen)
- an eyelash curler and a mini straight one (I haven't quite figured that one out yet),
- two heavy duty nail files
- toe separators for pedicures
- three lip liners to try that she's not using (clean)
- two lipsticks &
- five nail polishes

Holy cow, right?! On my own, I don't even get this much stuff in an entire year and it was all in this little box. I have tried a lot of the beauty products and it inspired me to splurge a little on a few things when the SO and I were at Target earlier.

The lipsticks had a "Pearl" finish which gives it a silver-frost sheen on my lips and because I don't have any matte finish eyeshadow to balance them out, I found a neutral matte "Creme" finish. I'm so excited that it actually looks nice on my lips and I picked it myself! It's a little dark for a spring color, but I'm easing into all of this business. :P Here's a quick picture I took of those:

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipsticks in:
Rose Violet (Creme) - Sky Line Pink (Pearl) - Silver City Pink (Pearl)

You can see the bright sheen of the latter two. I was kind of, okay, I panicked a little because I'm a neurotic beast- when the light shades all seemed to have that Pearl finish. The one I ended up getting after a few anguishing minutes of looking at all that they had to offer about three times was one of the lightest Creme shades. 

I did quite a bit of research with reviews and YT videos and found a beginner-friendly mascara to try. With wearing thick glasses for most of my life, it has been so out of the question. I ended up getting a waterproof formula because I assumed I would be a hot tranny mess while I figure everything out. Due to that, I also picked up a foaming face wash that's not only meant to clean but to remove makeup. Hopefully, I can get this stuff off with just a wipe but will have the face wash just in case. The scrub that I recently got and adored isn't meant to get anywhere near the eyes.

Being the impressionable goof that I am, I did a swatch test on my hand with the goodies that my mom sent me.

Pay little to no mind to the polish on my three inner fingers. I just threw them on with no base or top coat (the blue fingernails are still dyed >_<) and they are from the OPI Shatter collection. It's a cool effect that... well, here are the bottles:
Blue Shatter - Turquoise Shatter - Pink Shatter (Breast Cancer Awareness 2011) - Fly (Nicki Minaj) - Last Friday Night (Katy Perry).

I am having too much dorky fun trying everything on, figuring out what they do, how to use it, and things about my features. A whole lotta hot messery up in here. I'm so excited that this has nearly doubled my collection. 

Step by step, I'm turning into one of those girls that has a million of pampering products to put in the bathroom. However, I am being good and it's limited to my little drawer unit and a bin under the bed with minimal bleeding into the communal bathroom. Half a dozen things like shampoo and toothpaste. See? Behaving and finding a delicate balance, lol. 

It really is nice to learn to really take care of myself and pamper myself with a scented lotion or something though. I hope that everyone takes a little time out for themselves each day. Also, bless the SO's heart for humoring me when I gush and think out loud about it all. Ha ha!

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