Friday, July 16

136. Arm's Reach

Today was fairly uneventful until the late afternoon. Then I had another one of my lovely friends stop by so we could play the Wii (wheeeeee)! My brother and I tried to warm up prior to my friend's arrival but we are apparently really out of video game shape. Our arms where so sore from last night! Lol. Silly Wii arm, when your elbow and wrist really hurt from the unnecessarily powerful and jerky movements you make for hours on end while playing games. Especially the ridiculous and ridiculously fun party games. :P

I was introduced to Samba de Amigo. It was amazing. I'm actually borrowing it for the next few days to further make a complete fool out of myself in the comfort of my parent's home. Lol. It is pretty politically incorrect and features creatures like cube-headed monkeys in sombreros, cactus people, and an Elvis impersonator dancing like they're the bus from Speed in super colorful and musically active surroundings. Your Wii remote controller and nunchuk are essentially your maracas. Mind you, this game is a remake of a Sega game that was released back in 1999. There's is posing and dancing involved too. I went and beat the easy and normal missions and attempted the first batch of hard levels. What a difference! I went from mostly A's with some B's to immediately failing everything. Lol. This is why I can't play any of the Dance Dance Revolution ( DDR) or Rock Band/ Guitar Hero games for the life of me. I have no coordination whatsoever.

But I tend to love games that receive horrible ratings so that's okay. All the cutesy and usually horribly glitched games for the Nintendo DS are right up my alley as well, lol. I am one of the reasons why that end of the video game world stays in business. My apologies to the actual gamers of the world. I have a weakness for furry critters made of pixels. It's almost sick. XD

I also showed my friend the Rayman's Raving Rabbids 2 game that Miss K, my brother, and I started playing last night. I adore that game. It is so amazingly absurd. Even now as I stretch, my arms are really sore. Lol. I think the Wii really has painted itself into/ dominated the market corner of being ideal as a party machine. I love playing the Mario Party and Smash Brothers Brawl games on it as well as the two aforementioned titles. If you have the physical ability to but can't get in front of and swing your arms like an idiot while yelling the strangest things in front of your friends at home, then you live a sad, sad life. Having shame will not get you far when playing these kinds of games. Lacking a sense of timing, direction, and hand-eye coordination doesn't help much either and those are my excuses. Lol.

I was also messing around with tonight and wanted to post a video, but thanks to trial software, it doesn't look like the video will finish uploading for another two hours. :( I think it's a fun site, but I haven't had the best of luck with it myself. We'll see what happens with that. You should get to hear me sing! How... embarrassing. XD Until (probably) tomorrow, <3!

--- Update ---

I'm still awake 2.5 hours later, so the video actually finished! Can I just say that I really don't like hearing my recorded and digital-ized voice? Lol. I know what I hear is definitely not what other people hear but maybe my voice is just that shaky and such. Um... well here it is before I get too embarrassed and change my mind about the whole thing. Lol.


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