Thursday, July 29

149. Check, Check, 1-2-1-2

Is it possible to be a day behind on your life? I kind of feel like that as I'm writing right now. I can't wait to get used to my new sleep schedule. I almost don't know what to do with myself with the extra hours.

Yesterday, I mentioned that it was the kitty-cat's (who seems to have really adopted me- hooray!) first night at the new place with his daddy. There was much supervised exploration done and once he was comfortable enough, he would not let his daddy out of his sight. At one point, the SO walked around the kitchen island three to four times and had kitty trotting behind him, barely a foot away. It was ridiculously cute.

He is the type of kitty that really likes being up. Up on doors, up on hutches, up on dressers, just anywhere as long as it's up. So here are a couple of pictures of him doing two of the things that he does best: being up and adorable.

This is a ledge that is above the kitchen. He's pretty high up.

Have to make sure daddy is within sight!

Up on the counter as we walk back and forth putting all the boxes back after mopping.

This was earlier today during my visit. He apparently felt that I should be done with the internet.

He did eventually start to check out all sorts of nooks and crannies that he could fit into to have his numerous cat naps. I'm glad he's much more a lover than a fighter. As a cat, he doesn't really take too kindly to your offerings of loving, but watch out when he decides it's time to be pet! His helpful headbutt will knock you into the next zip code to the unsuspecting.

Today, I more or less decided that my break and recovery from my trip were over and it was time to start building up to a bigger, badder, and better me. :P It started with rearranging all of my clothes. My next laundry day should be a blast and a half. Tomorrow, I'll finish that off by grabbing my bag of winter clothes and storing it my closet. At least one of my bins shall be tackled then too. /shudder. I'm not even looking at the screen right now but rather spinning around to try to decide what mess I want to get myself into. Oh, I guess I should sort out my shoe situation too... Lol.

Hm, maybe I should delve into sorting and putting away all of my books. They're bulky enough that when I'm done, it'll look I did a whole lot of work. XD Anything that helps me sleep better at night, aye?

Speaking of sleep... >_> I should get some. Until tomorrow, <3

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