Thursday, July 22

142. Noncompliance

Let me just say that I do not enjoy going to the dentist.

I have my reasons and was pretty perturbed when my mom let me know that she managed to make an appointment earlier this week for the both of us to go in today. To add to that aggravation, it was scheduled for 2pm. I was woken up a few hours earlier than expected, because they gave us a ring to ask us to come in earlier. Honestly, even if it wasn't the dentist, I don't appreciate having to pay a cancellation or rescheduling fee when if they change it we don't get compensated at all. Or that we might lose out on our original appointment if we don't come in early because certain people don't want to stay for the full duration of their paid workday. Screw that.

Needless to say, I was quite the cranky-pants sitting in that waiting room half awake with my hair still wet from the quick shower I took. I know that its my health that they're trying to help/ repair. Actually, the people at this office have been generally nice and helpful in their own way. Doesn't mean I have to like it. Good thing that I was more or less taught to at least be courteous no matter how loud I'm screaming in my head. Lots of screaming and ranting and stomping going on in my head at the time too, lol.

I almost lol'ed in their faces when they realized I hadn't updated my patient information in about 7 years. Most of that time, I was seeing them about twice a year too. So, my mom went in first as I filled out the paperwork and decided to swallow a big girl pill. As much as I resent being there, I think I cooperate very well. Tilting my head from side to side, tilting my chin up and down, waiting until hands are out of my mouth before wiping away the dirty mouth water that's dripping into my ear, consciously making a consistent effort to give them as much working space as possible/ not chomping down on anything, etc. My hygienist hooked me up fee wise when she heard I was heading back out to Arizona until who knows when, which was a nice change of pace of her usually giving me tons of guff and grief, lol.

Thanks to several squirts of numbing spray, I eventually could not really move my lips or feel parts of my face- which I found amusing. :P My little ego/ sense of pride was stroked when she let my mom know that I had quite the high tolerance of pain. It made me slightly less angry about having to be there. The most I did was twitch my eye a little and make a fist a few times, never letting her verbally know when the numbing meds were wearing off or being washed away. I figure any poking and prodding I endure that hurts is my punishment for being neglectful- why would I whine/ complain about it? Lol, it goes back to something I've mentioned before: the more it actually hurts, the more I bunker down and man-up. I hope that carries through to future emergency situations. I really don't want to be the person that freaks the heck out and is essentially useless- or even worse, a deterrent- for being rescued or surviving.

Fast forwarding a bit, I was warned that I'd probably need to take an aspirin and it was advice I followed. I didn't completely make it through lunch and dinner today. :( More sadness caused by being deprived yet again of normal food. I did get to hang out one more time with a lovely friend of mine and we of course spent it playing video games right next to each other. XD Hooray WoW and Raving Rabbids 2 on the Wii (wheeee)!

Oh yeah! My brother and I stopped by a Barnes & Noble (<3) and I bought a book to help me learn ASL (American Sign Language). I know it's going to be helpful with the career I'm currently aiming for. I know the manual alphabet and started learning the numbers when I was volunteering in the classroom but I want to take it further, especially since I've been interested in learning some since elementary school. Hooray for having a love of books and libraries.

Anywho, I spent time with my dear friend, attempted to eat some dinner, tagged (aka was dragged) along while six little sucker fishes were purchased and took part in one of the funniest things I've seen in a really long time. My dad recently purchased a pre-owned but still very fancy car that has a computer command system thing. Can you tell that I'm becoming increasingly tired? Lol. Well, it's supposed to let you give voice commands for the wiper blades, gps, etc. When my dad tried to demonstrate by changing the temperature or climate control (whatever they call it nowadays) it refused to listen to him. 72 degrees was 85 and 68 was 79. It was hilariously horrible. Sometimes, it would start displaying local banks or Italian restaurants instead of doing anything temperature-related. Even my brother was giving a crack at it just to show me the issues that they've been having. At one point I exclaimed, "It's an Asian car that doesn't understand Asians!" However, when I gave the command, it got it on the first try every time. XD What is that?? My dad could make it switch back and forth from AM to FM radio but none of us could get it to display the way home. Awesome, just awesome.

The rest of my evening was more or less spent watching Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. I saw stuff about parasites that make me super paranoid and the episode of Deadliest Catch where the fleet heard about Captain Phil Harris' passing. That was heartbreaking. Those men go through so much by putting up such tough fronts (not to say that they aren't tough, it seems to be a grueling job) and to see nearly every single one of them start to shed tears at the news was just profound. I wrapped that all up by watching a few episodes of River Monsters. That's a show that I've been meaning to see, but either kept missing the time or not having cable. :( I think it was pretty darn cool and mind-boggling to see the size of those buggers he was catching!

I can mostly feel my face now :D Lol, that's it from me today. See you tomorrow! <3

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