Friday, July 23

143. Back Around & Back Again

Today was my last day in my hometown before heading back in the morning. I'm not sure when I'll be back but I'm making a vow to myself to keep in touch with more people more often. If my mom has any say, which she totally does, I'll be back again for a decent length visit in December when people are forced to take a break from school or work for the numerous holidays.

It was really great to see the people I managed to get, but I feel that there was still not enough time to have nearly enough meaningful heart to heart conversations. It's one of my favorite things to do with people, but with how crazy everyone's lives and schedules are right now, it seems we could only get as far as getting the basic catch-up news in before getting caught up in venting about current strife. Not that that is bad, but those conversations could have been much deeper. I hope that we can figure out how to make it work like that in the near future. I still care too much (is there really such a thing?) for all of these people to not want to be a bigger part of their lives and consistently give my support.

As time goes on and we all grow up, I'm finding it easier and easier to let go of my resentful bitterness that I'm somewhat infamous for and just let bygones be bygones (or blame it on being kids :P) and get back to what's actually important- the lifelong friendship. The acceptance of who each person is- the good, the bad, and the really weird parts- and to love them anyways and support them as you grow together.

I don't really want to go back just yet because I feel like I've only started to scratch the surface with everything that I'm rectifying and rekindling, but I really miss my new home. That and I have a lot of business to take care of because being a grown up can also really blow chunks, lol. But we'll just ignore that part for now. Well, it's a good thing that love transcends distance and time. Those variable just add static, :P. I think I would really like to visit again soon. We shall see what happens in the next couple of months. It will be a lot of hard work, but it's high time that I get on that, make up for lost ground, and learn how to man up about taking responsibility for myself while maintaining a better me. I don't just want to get by, I want to be damn good at juggling it all. :D I've always had a lurking ambitious streak in me.

Have I mentioned how much I hate packing? I'm pretty sure I have. I hate the deadline and restrictions. I like packing and organizing the way that makes the most sense in my head. But no. I have to consider cushioning the somewhat fragile, maximum allotted weight, removing any liquids from carry-ons while making sure that they won't explode all over my clothes, and raaawrrr!!! :( But it's done. As done as it's going to get tonight. I am going to suffer so much during my travels tomorrow, lol/ cry. My check-in luggage is near the capacity and my carry-on is full of books. Yes, plural. If I need to remove a few pieces of clothing from my luggage for some reason, I can, but I'll already be dying lugging my duffel across the airport terminals tomorrow. I am quite familiar with that trek and it will not be fun. On my other arm, I'll have my tote bag all full of my actual purse and my laptop. :( WTB (want to buy) upper body strength.

At least when the SO picks me up from the airport I can break down sobbing with exhaustion as he pack mules my stuff to the car. I've missed him a lot. The three hour time difference and different cell phone service carriers have not been kind to us these past 25 days. Thank god for instant messenger, unlimited text messaging, and video/ virtual calls. Me and my dumb butt forget to bring my webcam this time. Yes, my laptop is old and lame enough to be from the time before webcams were automatically installed above your screen. And my cam is from before they were cute little Oreo cookie size too. Think giant Jawbreaker. Oh yes. Lol.

Hm. Well, I spent the day hanging out with the neighbors again. I tried to learn a few of the nuances and rules of volleyball. I am by no means the athletic type, but I tried. Well, I didn't dive for the ball since we were playing in a yard where the fluffy bear of a golden retriever goes potty in, lol. But I beat up my arms and thumbs. We managed not to bonk each other on the head despite the wind from Tropical Storm Bonnie. It had been raining on and off since last night. Haven't heard too many horrific stories about her passing just yet. We'll see what happens over the next few days with everyone panicking about it heading towards the oil spill. :( Poor ecosystems.

My evening was pretty eventful. I was picked up by one lovely friend so I could hang out at her place for a bit and have one more visit with her and her son. He was crying around the time that I was heading out and my leaving seemed to make him cry more! D: Aw! Even in his sobbing he reached out to give me a hug goodbye. I adore that boy. I then went off to dinner with the wonderful Miss K and a few other friends at a yummy restaurant called the Latin American Grill. Local restaurant with great food. I was amused that it was slightly easier for both parties involved if we ordered in Spanish. Gotta love being raised in a multicultural fashion/ area. I honestly didn't have much of a problem doing so, I do understand much more than I can speak. Go figure that I'm the same way about my own... cultural language? Hehe, anyways. It was good.

We headed back to Miss K's house to hang out a little bit. The rest of the group eventually made it too with Little Big Planet. Such a funny and cute game. I played it for a few minutes before another dear friend from back in the day came to pick me up. It seems that we haven't seen much of each other in the past few years either and we've known each other for about... 15 years. Wow/ ugh. Amazing. Lol. We grabbed frozen yogurt from one of those really trendy places.  This one was called, um, Frozen Yogurt. I'm pretty sure that's what it was actually called, lol.

It is a self-serve when a decent amount of flavors you can mix and match and many topping that you also add yourself. You pay about thirty cents per ounce so the tab you accumulate is your fault. XD I threw all sorts of stuff into mine. While waiting in line I was spotted by another friend I met in middle school. We didn't get to chat much and she's apparently leaving Sunday for Europe again so: go technology! Lol. I loved catching up with the great lady I was with though. We finished up our snack at my folk's house and they were happy to see her too, lol. Got to show the recent renovations yet again. :P

Sigh, I just really feel like to much time was wasted getting caught up in the right now and I missed out a lot on the going ons in many people's lives. Yes, I'm going to rectify that until it's all second nature. /nods.

Is it weird that when I see the word "extraordinary" I keep thinking about some being very ordinary or extra ordinary as opposed to something much more/ different than the ordinary? Yeah... when profound thoughts like that start popping into my head again, I need to cut myself off. :D Wish me (and everyone else to which the circumstances apply) a safe and smooth flight tomorrow! See you then <3

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