Saturday, July 17

137. Ugh, Weekends

I'm actually not crazy about weekends. Before you burn me at the stake for making such a statement, hear me out. Lol.

Growing up, weekends translate into the full day of doing all of the errands that weren't finished during the work week because of, well, work. :P Silly things like banks and post offices closing the same time you finally got out of the good ole cubicle. Nowadays, life is slightly more understandable. Plus, there's all that new-fangled technology where you can do virtually everything online. No pun intended. There was usually too much stuff to do and catch up on around the house that there was hardly time for play. Even then, the play seemed like work with precise overlapping schedules to keep in mind.

Today was not an exception. My brother and I woke up to start working on ensuring that all his paperwork and setup were in place so that he can start college off smoothly next month. Ack! I'm really glad nothing has changed since I went in terms of financial aid and creating class schedules because this could have been absolutely horrid. Neither of us can believe that it's actually happening and all the pieces are falling into place. Every other hour, it seems like I just turn to him and say, "Whoa, I can't believe you're starting college this fall. I feel old." To which he replies with equal awe, "Oh man, I know! And you kinda are!" Gee, thanks. Lol. Little upstart. I'll give him what for! :P

We also made trips to (in no particular order) Home Depot, Office Depot, Office Max, a local library, Costco, and Wal-mart. Awesome. And by awesome, I really mean not awesome at all. We also did the typical chores around the house, rearranged furniture, and worked on compiling a photo album for church that I assume has to be done by noon tomorrow. I learned about it earlier today. There are over a hundred photos. I'm just saying.

Not to mentioned that I also got a little carsick in the middle of all of those trips. Maybe it had to do something with having a full belly of Chicken Bake and Berry Smoothie from Costco and by brother being a relatively new driver who's a little rough with his braking- I don't know. But I was seriously contemplating suddenly redecorating the aisles of our local Super Wal-mart. Yeah... that may be a little TMI but oh well, lol. I ended up taking a short nap upon arriving at home while my brother and dad tried to figure out how to make a waterfall cascade into the new pond that they built in the back yard last month. Lucky me!

By the time, my mom got home from work, my brother and I managed to sneak in about ten minutes of playing a little more Wii with our sore arms before we all headed off to dine at one of our favorite places. That pizza & pasta buffet I think I have been mentioning often since my return to Florida. Lol, it's seriously my third trip during this stay. Can't get enough of that place. Come on! It's about $5.50 per adult! One of the pasta/ soup cooks actually recognizes my brother and my dad. Even down to the staples that they usually order. I guess it doesn't hurt that my brother insists on tipping that station well each time we visit. I'm pretty sure we were tipping it for a few years before they set out jars. It just makes sense.

I would really like to own a karaoke machine sometime in my lifetime. I'm just saying. Lol. I just get so into singing aloud when I hear songs... and I don't mind at all sharing the spotlight- heck, I love singing duets and in groups. Sigh, so many things to buy, so little funds. Just another thing to add to my list of things I'd like to own eventually in my life. Another thing that's on that list is a button-pressing machine. :D The ones that are plastic and metal pins with cute pictures on/ in them? Yeah. I've done the research. Two hundred dollars can get you some pretty interesting things. Like the two aforementioned products and a sexy black Wii. Yes, I'm still on that. Usually, once I started being interested in something, I'll always want it. My mild obsession with doing research doesn't help things either. Almost makes eventually owning all of these kinds of things tangible. What a scary thought! XD

Ugh, I'm still coughing. I really hope it doesn't turn into one of those post-sickness coughs that last at least a month after you get better. So pointless. Didn't I have some sort of focus here earlier? Oh yeah. Weekends. Not my biggest cup of tea. :P Oh, that reminds me, go figure that you finally have a day or two that you're not working to take care of all of the things you weren't able to get to during the week and all of those offices are closed too because they get the same weekends. This is on top of the fact that there are office hours kept everywhere that are roughly 9-4 but then there's that two hour gap from 12- 2 in the middle for lunch. Really? Did you just have a 5 hour day for five days straight? A 25 hour work week? And I have to pay what in a processing/ administrative fee? Why not stagger lunch breaks and not have to cram some work in? /eye twitch. Life, bureaucracy, and red tape blow my mind. So does the fact that doctors are being put out of jobs because they can't afford the malpractice insurance despite how much they are paid. Oh, and so does the fact that teachers, who taught all of these doctors and politicians what they know, aren't overall being paid squat either. /shrugs.

I need some sleep before I drive myself completely nuts at the injustices of the system and all, lol. My face or shoulders may stick that way... or something like that. Ha ha, oye. Until tomorrow. <3

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  1. boo how do i follow you? lol its jasmine btw... decided to join in all the blogging <3 love you!!!


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