Tuesday, July 20

140. A Decade & Six Hours Later

Hooray for having what I consider a jam-packed day. My mom almost busted down my door early this morning to let me know she was ready to stop letting me sleep in and for us to start shopping. It was 9:20am. And it only sounded like she was going to ram my door down in my groggy state, I'm sure she just knocked. Lol.

We hit up a handful of places and I don't know any other way of describing what my mom can do with shopping other than saying that it was magical. I still do not quite understand how she does it, but we almost always find exactly what we're looking for on the first trip out to a store or mall. And when we don't, I figure that it's because I jinxed the mission with my awkward presence. With three stops, we scored work pants, tops, and shoes for me on top of a couple of bathing suits. We even stopped and hung out for lunch and milkshakes. Home and chilling out by 2pm. It blows my mind. I am totally missing that "gene" rofl.

For the remainder of the afternoon, my brother and I hung out with our neighbor kids and played party video games on the Wii (wheeeee). Lol, sorry I always say it like that in my head and have to share. :D During that time I was sending out messages on Facebook, texts, and taking phone calls (because I'm awesome like that) trying my best to try to get a few old friends together before I left again.

We're from a group of friends that more or less met in middle school. We haven't been in the same room in about ten years. I realized that today and it is truly bizarre to say. It doesn't feel like that much time has passed at all. A few of us managed to make it to TGIF where we traded stories about our crazy antics from the past few years, what we were in the middle of mucking through right now, and reminiscing about the crazy and angsty attitudes we had in middle school. If it weren't for reality beating on our doors in the morning, I'm sure we would have stayed out all night doing crazy stuff together and continuing to chat. I really loved it.

In the past few years I have made the decision to do what I could and then some in order to keep in touch with certain people. When an opportunity presents itself involving an old friend, I'm going to say yes. This is almost the complete opposite of how I was growing up. I couldn't/ didn't do anything and I regret it. Life gets crazy but you can always make some sort of time for the people who have had great impacts on your life and the person you are today. It may not have been much more than a drawn out dinner, or a sleepover, or a random trip to a condo but I'm sure we'll be thinking about it for the rest of our lives. Living life and making memories are two of the best things you can do in your lifetime.

I would love to do a before and after shot but that was back when disposable cameras where reserved for super special occasions and I hated having pictures taken. I still am not crazy about it- can you tell when I literally snap several hundred pictures of an event but am only in about 3 pictures at the most?- but I have my moments. One of these days, I'll be able to unpack my year book(s) from those days and shove together some makeshift collage, but for tonight a recent picture of us young at heart but world-weary travelers will have to do. XD I'm going to get smacked upside the head by my older friends for saying such things...


I hope that we all have many years left in us and that it's not another ten years before we play catch up again. Hopefully this will include much more people. And bless my brother's heart for listening to our horror stories about our starts to real life, college, and young adult experiences. TMI, I'm sure but the older you get, the more you shed your shame about taboos. Lol. 

Well, that's it from me with my coughing really getting to me. Until tomorrow! <3


  1. such a fun night <3 we're definitely going to make it a point to get together more often!!!

  2. haha i just looked at the picture again to save it for myself :-) and i realized how much i like the random glowing stop sign in the corner!!!


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