Monday, July 26

146. Got Your Face

I've been spending some time at FFIL's (future father-in-law's, lol, it's just so much easier to refer to them that way) house to check out all the stuff that has been unpacked since I've been gone. I have to say, good progress has been made!

Last night, the SO caved in and made a Facebook profile. I wrote on mine that the best things about that was I could finally tag him in the photographs of us that I've had up from the past two years and his joining was not my fault! I've been good, I swear! Lol, I'm not a huge fan of what social networking sites have been made into nowadays- it's a total drama-soaked joke, but I do like using it to start reconnecting with friends and acquaintances and then taking it further offline. That and I do tend to play quite a bit of games. Maybe not all the ultra-trendy ones because I can't stand the big deal made out of most of them when, imo, they are horribly constructed.

Anywho, I jumped on the chance/ was asked to help set up his profile. :D Hooray for a million notifications about being tagged in photos and getting accepted friend requests. I had to start trying to stalk his relatives from out of state, lol. That was actually his main motivation to joining. Got to love the digital age. I really hope to visit and meet them soon! Good thing they're mostly in one place, lol. Money is poo. :( Lol. We're still kinda hoping to visit my family this winter. The SO has met most of my immediate family but come on, it's my Mommy and my little furry sister! Plus, it'll be my old stomping grounds and modest but passionate wave of great friends to meet too, lol. :P That would be so cool if we could make that work! Just a tad overdue. Ha ha! That's more of a nervous laugh because much longer and I'm going to start receiving heated messages from them demanding that we have the wedding in Florida. Lol. /crawl into corner under the sheets and cowers.

The rest of my day was fairly uneventful and dedicated to getting my WoW fix. :D The SO did take me to a Mongolian Grill place. It's really great, there's a buffet where you fill up your bowl with what you want in your own personal stir fry. Right down to creating your own sauce! Then it's cooked on this giant round iron grill thing. You also get soup, rice, and sesame bread. : ) So good. That's all from me today! See you tomorrow <3

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