Thursday, July 1

121. Socially Productive

I would make such a horrible lush. Or a really good one. I don't really know the specific criteria. I'm vaguely hungover from that darn coffee drink. Yes, the one I had yesterday morning. Ugh! I was still wide awake in the middle of the night but dragged myself to bed. Apparently in all my passed out glory, I missed out on the family dog barking like crazy at a cat statue that has been on the coffee table for a few years now. Good game, good game. She just decided this morning that it was a real kitty and shouldn't be sleeping on the glass table. XD She's... special.

 And a fat tub. Sigh.

After doing a few chores, my beloved brother and I headed to one of the only card/hobby/comic book stores in town. It's kind of across town to boot. South Florida drivers are insane and hell-bent on trying to kill you. It's mind blowing and heart attack inducing. We get to the plaza and pull in when we see the sign to the shop. Walk up to and past this empty store, then walk into what I believe is a watch and coin shop. What? So we walk out, look around, take a step back, and realize that the sign was above the empty room. T_T It was so upsetting. As we're pulling out of the parking lot, I look back one more time to confirm that our store is really gone, I see that it moved into the corner spot! Hooray! So we park again and run in, lol. I influenced my brother to get a few deck of Yugi-Oh cards as well as deck boxes and card sleeves. "Happy Birthday/ Christmas!" I was tempted to grab something new for myself, but I have no idea who would play what with me once I get back to scorching Arizona.

Maybe the SO (my Significant Other) or his brothers can be convinced to play Magic: The Gathering with me. :) How's that for nostalgia. Except we'd probably have to get all new starter decks, a couple booster packs, and relearn all the new rules and regulations. Lol. Got to love being a nerd-geek-dork! :D

Baby bruddah also took me to JoAnn's and left me there while he wandered Target next door, lol. Hooray for paper crafting supplies being 40% off! I actually didn't see a reason to go crazy. None of the Cricut cartridges screamed my name (despite their 89.99 carts being all dropped down to 39.99- go get your favorites you never thought you could afford!), none of the border punches fit my mood, and I'm really picky about the patterned paper that I get (design-wise). I did grab various adhesive refills and the jumbo Zig 2-way pen that should help me re-tacky my Cricut mats much more easily than the Krylon adhesive sprays that I've been trying to use. I did get a mini mat stack of paper. DCVW (Die Cuts With a View)'s Summer Dream collection. Very bright, fun, funky, fresh, and versatile. They are the perfect size for mounting 4x6 photos on, but I'll mostly be using them to accent my cards. I also snagged a stamp scrubbing pad and liquid cleaner. I didn't want to keep wasting water and paper towels trying to furiously wipe my stamps clean and dry. This will help me do that! Hooray. Wow, I am a sucker for crafting tools. Lol.

We met up with one of our friends and high-tailed it down to a fireworks warehouse. I had to come because I'm ooooold. (>_<) After having to go through about five checkpoints- a lovely feature that was just started this year, I bought some fireworks. I would have said quite a few but after looking and almost being run over by some of the other carts... we were taking it easy. A dozen or so aerials and a few other pretty and loud explosive things. :D Sunday shall be amusing and fun! I'll try to grab some video, but will at least take a few pictures as I'm running in the other direction, lol.

Then I got to hang out with a few old school people! Hooray! :) Tried out playing the Lego Harry Potter game on the Wii, then a little bit of one of the Mario Parties, and then I recorded most of an h our long game of Jenga. It was hilarious. I'll be piecing together and editing the footage over the next couple of days. Well, that's the idea. It was nice starting to catch up and such. Maybe I'll take my mom up on her offer to let me have a few people over and cooked for. We'll probably end up ordering pizza since I don't really want to make her work on her day off or anything, but it was still quite a nice offer. They worked really hard to have the renovations that they did and someone should enjoy it other than us, lol.

Isn't it pretty bad when you get a headache from being so tired? Yeah, I think that's pretty bad. :P See you tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for your clarification! The SO makes so much more sense now. :) It really sounds like you're enjoying yourself. Can't wait to here more about your month long trip to Florida. Don't forget to sell some Thirty-One! :) My Mystery Hostess event ends July 14th!


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