Monday, July 19

139. Sweaty Eyes

No, no. Those are not tears coming from my eyes, they're just sweating. >_> I've been so tired the past few days that I've yet again come to that point when I'm yawning almost nonstop and my eyes are watery.

Took care of quite a few paperwork-laden tasks today but there were plenty that were just impossible. I really can't stand lunch breaks and red tape and sites of places that are supposed to be working together but have hardly conferred with each other ever. If you can't tell, I'm still very deep into fixing my passport-social security-driver's license-state residency-school schedule-teacher certification endeavor. Endeavor doesn't begin to cover it, but I'll be nice and un-metaphorical for now. I'll figure it all out somehow. I just hope it's soon and becomes much smoother than the process has been thus far.

This is also my last week in Florida until who knows when and I'm trying to balance keeping on top of my responsibilities and cram in as much time as possible with everyone I can get a hold of. I'm am by no means good at it at all. Lol/ sigh/ cry. Hooray for mixed emotions!

Here are a couple of recent pictures that I don't feel like sorting out :D

Dragonflies near the  ground = rain's a comin'!

Yet another summer storm brewing. Look at how much more clear the skies are behind us in the side rear view mirrors!

Bella and Chloe. Two sweet kitties that were included in my recent sleepover.

Crazy-lookin' caterpillar from the church parking lot.

See you tomorrow! <3

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