Saturday, July 31

151. So Much Love

I think I have finally attained a normal person's schedule! I woke up early, ate a brunch, and a dinner! And I'm tired a few hours after dark. It is too bizarre and a little unsettling.

The great parts about today were that we watched/ left on in the background the Discovery Channel for catching mini-marathons of Ultimate Car Build-Off and *trumpet fanfare* Mythbusters! Both were pretty mind-blowing and we all love the latter. The not as great parts were the rearranging of boxes and furniture in the new house. Thankfully, with the storm from yesterday and the almost storm today, the temperature was gorgeous! So nice and cool, with hints of breezes that almost made it chilly.

I got curious enough about the wash I've heard so much about in the back of the property that I asked for a guided tour in my flip flops. At least I was wearing khaki pants today and thank goodness for that too! For those of you that have not been to the desert, a wash is like a natural canal thing that fills with water during monsoon season. Otherwise, it's just like a dry river bed. Scientific definition, I know. :P Well, here are a few pictures I snapped in between my dodging of pokey everything.

Critter hole!

Look at all of those critter cubbyholes.

For not having any green, they still do have another of plant life!

That light colored sucker in front of the dead cactus? Yeah, wicked amount of needles that I believe like to jump out if you get too close.

Weird, I wonder why all of these piles have been placed along the mini wash?

The deeper wash. Finally!

As much as I adore critters, the amount of holes I saw this afternoon really freaked me out. The majority of those holes are currently being lived in by anything from tarantulas, various snakes, mice, scorpions, and other creepy crawlies. I really did not want to fall into or step too close and surprise the occupant(s). No thank you!

Remember that video that I posted yesterday? Well, the SO had done a heart earlier that had worked a lot better but I hadn't had my camera the first time. Once he learned that I posted the subsequent images and that people liked it, he wanted to get a better video! Welcome to part two:

Too fantastic, right?

As if all of that eye candy wasn't enough, I'm adding two current popular singles! I think they're both fun party songs, even if one is a kick butt cover.

Hope you enjoy. See you tomorrow! <3

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