Friday, July 30

150. Fire & Ice

Mmk, I may have finally caught up on my sleep last night/ this morning. I ended up redoing my closet (again) because I had a moment and suddenly wanted to use black hangers for my dressier clothes and white hangers for my everyday/ working clothes. And it had to be the same kinds of hangers too... Yeah, I can get that bad sometimes. I shall take a picture once the closet is completely finished. I was actually thinking about drawing diagram on the picture to explain how I usually organize my hung clothes. I swear it makes sense. At least in my head, lol.

I did dig for and haul in my bag of winter clothes and my last piece of luggage in from being stored in the garage. It was bigger than I remembered it, so I'll probably have to end up using it as makeshift shelving in my back of the closet. Lol, sounds fun right? I think I'm slightly sick in the head for getting a little excited about the concept. :P

I pulled myself away from re-doing my closet to help cook dinner. It was a yummy dish! The chicken was tenderized and lightly breaded and covered in sliced mushrooms topped off with Fontina cheese. It paired nicely with angel hair pasta. There was also freshly grated Parmesan cheese, basil, and olive oil involved- if that's any indication how great this dish can taste!

Tonight brought on a wicked little storm. It's the best one I've seen this monsoon season! Lightning and rolling thunder everywhere. The energy was amazing! It was pretty long-lasting as well. To top it all off, it made such a pretty sunset before it started.

Have I mentioned how much I love my camera? This is using its "Sunset" mode to emphasize and better capture the vivid and rich colors. This is even on its lowest quality settings as well, since my little old laptop has a conniption everything I try to use anything HD.

Later on, I worked and finished my card front/ cover for the card swap I'll be in this Sunday with a few Stampin' Up ladies. It'll be my first craft swap and I'm terribly excited. I like my design. It's simplistic, but I managed to use nothing but SU products despite not having very much. I did borrow a sheet of Designer Series Paper from the FMIL though. I was going to post a pic today but I guess I want to keep it a surprise for a little longer (However, it's kind of killing me right now! Ha ha!).

Oh! But the SO called me outside during the storm to show me something I've never seen before. I freaked out about how cool it was, lol.

Lighter fluid + floor + lighter = Fun!

I love how the storm has cooled everything off so dramatically. It feels great! That's all from me today, see you tomorrow! <3

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