Sunday, July 18

138. We're Starving!

The day was consumed by church-related stuff. From 9:30am until 4:10pm. *Eye twitch* Even during the mass, there was some dial that was accidentally turned on by the previous group which had a generic talk show radio playing faintly for the first two-thirds of the mass. So much fail. XD The parish I grew up in is just a tad bit special. If it's not one thing going on, it's another. And if it wasn't that radio playing in the background, it would have been yet another cell phone going off. Sigh.

After the mass, my brother, his friend, his friend's sister, and I were bored out of our minds waiting for our folks to be done with rehearsals and meetings. We hung out in the trunk of my mom's SUV and ended up, once again, singing along to iPods and cell phones, dancing like the dorks we are, and even having my brother and his friend brush up on some old kung fu moves or trying out a few new breakdancing moves. I did my best to try to capture a few mid-air poses. We also saw this crazy caterpillar. I shall update tomorrow with the pictures.

It wasn't long before we were starving. My dad and I had not a single thing to eat prior to leaving for church, so I begged to go to a nearby McDonalds. He gave all of us kids a ride so he could steal my fries to tide him over before all the parents went out to eat at a buffet later. Lol. We headed back and ate our food in the church parking lot as if we had never been fed and/or it was our last meal on Earth. Lol. Once we finally got home, I actually managed to just rest up since my coughing is still prominent. >_>

Tomorrow marks the first day of my mom's vacation time! Hooray! I can't wait to spend time with her that doesn't consist of me being underfoot and shooed away like the domestic nuisance I am. :D See you then! Man, I really need to catch up with my media uploading...

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