Saturday, July 24

144. Musical Chairs

Today started at least an hour earlier than my alarm for it was set, lol/ cry.

And my folks are really silly/ thoughtful/ invasive/ neurotic/ weird. They woke up even earlier than I did and repacked all of my luggage that I had finished up last night. My big luggage case, granted, had broken zipper pulls and a track that was tearing off at the corner and the front has a big scratch complete with little tear from when I moved out here. I hadn't really mentioned it and yet they poked and prodded and re-weighed my luggage during the wee hours of the day and deemed it unacceptable. I have no idea what else they may have added to it too. My folks, especially my mom, does stuff like that all the time. I think I've mentioned how I find her care packages to be pretty hilarious. I'm aware of her putting in two bottles of hair conditioner and a fancy electric toothbrush in there. I'll just have to see what pops up when I unpack completely. Also, my main carry-on was going to be a duffel bag full of books and two pairs of shoes and even though I told me mom that I would deal with hauling it across the airport, she deemed that ridiculously unacceptable (she is well aware of my tendency to face/ butt plant even on flat surfaces) she repacked my stuff in a matching wheel-y bag.

Normally, I can't stand the things in the same way that I cannot stand umbrellas. I see the handiness and other miscellaneous uses of each but people nowadays have little to no regard to the people around them. I can't count how many pedestrian piles ups I've seen due to those wheeling bags and backpacks nor can I count how many times I've almost had my eyes stabbed by umbrella branch tip things. It's probably a consequence of being short too. Ugh, can't stand 'em. Where was I? Ah, yes. I've had a few hiccups with putting them in the overhead compartments and keeping it out of everyone's way but rolling the books along have save my shoulders from getting strap burns and aching like mad. I'll kind of miss having that duffel bag around though. It looked kinda fancy and was handy for quick trips and sleepovers. :(

I'm currently typing this half of my blog post during my hour long layover in DFW (Dallas-Ft. Worth) and I just realized to save my iPod but help keep my sanity, that I could use my iTunes. Awe-inspiring stroke of genius right? Lol, shush. I'm tired. Ha ha. Aw, during our descent on my flight from Florida here, there was a little girl who's popping ears were too much to bear. She was sobbing and it was kinda heartbreaking. Then I thought about how I was raised to cry silently and trained to stop my crying within 3.5 minutes of being told I was done. I always thought it was a bit harsh, but man it comes in handy in public places. Lol, I was also taught how to chew and not swallow gum before my first flight after self-awareness. Some kids freak out with gum because it's treated like candy. I grew up viewing it as a breath freshener and ear-unpopper so I don't think I ever sought it out like a crack fiend like I know how some kids do.

Remember the whole keeping parts of sanity in tact? Another slight pet peeve that I'm sure many other people share: loud cell phone talkers. I never realized how unsettling I've found loud talkers until I grew to really value peace and quiet. It's like 8 times worse with cell phone service inside buildings, lol. I don't want to hear your conversations, even if they're in a language I don't recognize. Also, doesn't it seem like their battery life lasts at least three times longer than yours ever would? When my mom gets excited about certain stuff like comedy or talking with her sisters, she becomes one. I can't count how many times I've turned and hissed at her, "Mom! You're being LOUD!" to which she denies and then laughs to high heaven. Normally that house is pretty quiet. I sometimes start to panic a little when I visit a house with loud-talkers but I'm too polite to mention it at the time. Only as I'm leaving to whomever invited me, lol. Don't get me wrong, I've been known to get pretty loud from time to time but there's a time and place, lol. Sitting here, I've had an eye-twitch going on for about twenty minutes now. I'm pretty sure that's how that is supposed to work. XD

I was really amused when Miss K saw it coming last night at dinner, but there's a time when I start to get bored/ delirious enough that my usual mass amount of shame start to drop away. It happened during a lull in the conversation we were having about where to head to next when I overheard a catchy pop song that I liked and I started mouthing the words, then quietly singing along. I caught Miss K looking at me and grinning because she knew what I was going to do before I even realized what I was doing- I started dancing in my seat and rocking out and we both burst out laughing. Sometimes being pretty predictable can be a great thing. Lol. Even if you didn't think you knew me too well before reading this blog, I'm pretty sure you have a good idea of how I am by now. My sincere condolences. I mentioned the incident last night because I just started doing it again sitting here at the airport.

I love singing and I semi-secretly love performing. It's my Leo love for attention. I've been in choruses through school since 4th grade and participated in my church's choir (and dragged my reluctant friends with me) but it was actually my game, WoW, that I really lost my shame revolving around singing in front of strangers. Once we started actively using a voice-speech program to play the game, I just started serenading anyone who happened to stop by the channel. The whole getting up on stage I still get nervous about but just singing in front of people in informal settings I have a blast doing. I loved singing and harmonizing with my best friend-old roommate in the student dining halls. The hush that spreads around you as you started to build up volume. When people are trying to figure out if they're hearing a record or live music- when they trying to figure out where it's coming from- when they realize it's more than one voice- when they start trying to figure out the words and chorus. The pause when they try to figure out if you're done and then the shouted compliments or calls for encores or brief applause. It's all great. Lol. As much as I like the attention, I really love it if it just makes someone smile. To brighten up someone's day just a little for a moment. Music is so profoundly amazing. Loves it. Lol.

Well, my flight Should start boarding soon. Should. Tropical Storm Bonnie has been fairly kind to me thus far, am I weird that I hoped for a bigger impact and more rain back in Florida? We could use it. I hope I catch some good monsoon action when I get back to big and beautiful Arizona. *crosses fingers* I shall update more later!

. . . . .

Made it! It's so hot here. T_T I'm pretty sure I would have been deemed Miss Congeniality if my second flight was a pageant. I gave up my seat twice to keep two different families together. I was comped the $4 pack of cheese and crackers. :D I tried to help the SO rearrange my room but was tired/ borderline dehydrated I think. Anyways, We managed to clean the floors and rugs and move the biggest pieces of furniture before I was fried.

After a little bit of dinner, we started tackling at least putting all of my bins back into the room and re-setting up the internet for the house when I smelled rain from the window. Then I heard it, then the rest of the household came one right after the other to let us know that there was finally rain in this part of town! I was so excited (and maybe a bit delirious) that I ran out into the rain. I frolicked for a good ten or fifteen minutes. Long enough for me to get soaked and feel wrapped by the sweet aroma of greasewood in the air. I ran around with the dog- who didn't want to be out-crazied, splashed in puddles, and hopped on and off of rocks in the backyard giggling like mad. I haven't done that in so long. I love the rain. I would have kept going for much longer if we didn't start to see lightning in the distance.

I was refreshed physically and mentally by the end, changed into dry clothes and have managed to get all of my stuff back into my room. The real packing and re-organizing will start later on this week. FMIL told me that there was a belief in at least one of the Native American cultures that said that dancing or being out in the rain would give one power. I feel cleansed and energized.

That's all I can muster to write about today. See you tomorrow! <3

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