Saturday, August 7

158. Ooh... What?

I had a couple of ideas for things to write about in today's blog entry when the SO and I were tagging along for grocery shopping earlier, I even thought about how I should jot it down in my notepad, and then I didn't. And now, I can't remember any of it. Bah! Bah bah bah. Lol.

We tagged along to get groceries, shop for furniture, fixtures, more furniture, and miscellaneous. We totally should have stayed home. XD Like ten year olds, we were bored and rolling our eyes and whispering jokes and poking at everything. What a pair, aye?

It was so hot and humid today, we could have sworn that we were going to get a really good storm, but alas. It rained some and there was lightning all around, but not that really good torrential monsoon storm that we have been dying for all season. If I could figure out how, I think I would punch the crickets that are chirping outside the window right now in their tiny little faces. It's driving me bonkers to the point of having a dull headache, but we have to keep the windows opened to have the cool air come in tonight.

I thankfully have been in quite the creative mood lately and I can't wait to start dabbling in a little of everything again. I'm at some of my happiest when I can create like mad in many ways. I think what I'm going to tackle are scrapbooking, card-making, and polymer cay-figurine sculpting. I don't know if what I do can be considered sculpting, but I'm not sure what else to call it. Lol. I still have yet to test my newly acquired used toaster oven to see how well/ unwell it bakes the clay. Clay that isn't truly clay at all. :D

I love how I haven't touched my clay in over a year and all I had to do was to play with and knead it in my hands in order to condition it. Some were still soft enough that I could just go right at it straight out of the baggies I've kept them in. I may have jumped the gun with my test sculptures, but that's okay. I was thinking about posting pictures of them, but some are critters that don't have eyes because I don't have the seed beads that I like to use on me at the time of their creation. I shall post before and after pictures once they are baked and finished. We'll see how badly I'll burn them. Hopefully not too much because they're really cute now but can smell pretty noxious if that happens, lol. :P I also figured out that working with the polymer clay eats away at the clear nail polish I've had on my fingernails. O_o Whoa. Lol.

I did manage some time to finished backing up my blog just in case anything happens to it. I'm not sure why I haven't done it along the way because doing it all at once was kinda painful, ha ha.

Oh! Light bulb! XD

Another amazing cover by AHMIR of Bruno Mars's "Just the Way You Are". So... sweet. Lol. I was listening to that almost nonstop as I was backing up my blog. Bless the SO's heart having to listening to that on repeat. I'm not sure why I remembered that I wanted to share that song but I'm glad that I did!

Hm. I think I would really like to get into the habit/ learn how to "mass"-produce cards well. A bunch of people I know have said that I should sell some of my cards in my Etsy shop and a few people have... propositioned me to make sets for them. I'm very flattered that they like my style and work enough to want more than just the one or two that I shove at them. I feel like I'm on the cusp of taking them to the next level. Not that said level is mind-blowing, but just a more polished look and style. Yes, I want it to still look handmade, but not just something I threw together (Even if I did! Ha ha!).

I need to really sit down and realistically figure out what supplies are going to be the most versatile and worth the investment this early on. Lol, I'm so picky. Despite still considering myself quite the noob with scrapbooking and card-making, I'm still diving head first into learning about tons of tools, trends, and techniques. Eh, but I do that with every and any subject I get my grubby little hands into. Rofl. Sigh, I'm still very much chewing at the bit while some would argue that I've been around the racetrack a couple times already. Or at least memorized the stadium's blueprints. Bahaha, I must be delirious tired and didn't realize it.

Late this morning, while the SO and I were waiting for the rest of the group to be ready to go on errands, we were asked if we needed/ wanted anything. The answer at the same time was "Caffeine." XD We each haven't had any in about a week and have suffered the consequences of trying to live life without. It is a sad existence indeed, lol.

... I totally lost whatever semblance of a train of thought I had because the SO mentioned something and I suddenly felt the urge to make tiny hamsters out of clay. Crap. XD I really need to write my ideas down or I'm just so useless.

Sigh, I give up. We'll try this again tomorrow. Lol <3

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  1. awwh the best blogs are when you ramble on and on about nothing and everything! lol i love you. sounds like you're going to have fun once you start with your crafts :-) i'm jealous! i can only clean and pack...


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