Sunday, January 30

334. Paper Delay

Go figure that I procrastinate dealing with paper by organizing paper.

I was going to attack my projects today but hit a creativity mental block so I went and organized FMIL's craft supplies. The collection is mostly my fault because it was all accumulated within the past year. Paper packs, punches, ribbons, Cricut cartridges, stamps, cardstock, and more. :D I am a horrible influence.

We had a nice and quick family "linner" and we watched the ProBowl. That was pretty fun to see the good sportsmanship and levity between all the different team members. I really enjoyed the last minute of play when they were only half-heartedly tossing the ball around and letting the losing team score an extra touchdown. Much respect was shown and we really appreciated seeing that in hostile times like what's going on now around the world.

On that note, I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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